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Bobby (Bobby)

Bobby Bhatia, a successful businessman and entrepreneur shares his journey to the success.

MP Singh
Published on
Wednesday, May 18, 2016 - 17:06
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Mr Bobby Bhatia a very successful Punjabi businessman was born in India, raised in Kuwait and migrated to US when Gulf war was started. Starting from his work in University library and very small companies to pick up the basics of work ethics, he rose to be the Principal of world famous investment giant JP Morgan. Sensing the never of business uprise in Asia and pacific region, he shifted his focus to develop his business in that area and based himself in Hong Kong. Bobby tells us about his journey, his keys for being so successful, motivation, drives and what he wants to do in future. He shares his pay back to the community by mentoring and supporting brilliant and financially poor students in India. He also tells us about StockFest a platform to learn about stock market tips and tricks.