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Here is the first famous Sikh Punjabi singer from Pakistan i.e. Jassi Lailpuria whose most famous song 'Sohna Pakistan' is played in two borders while performing flag ceremony every day. He is so nice, humble and person with lots of 'pure' cultural values. It may be in three parts where is he has sung few lines of some of his famous songs as well. He tells us of his struggles and successes and all credit goes to Almighty Allah Tallah.Geo channel of Pakistan gave him 1000 posters and pictures of Guru Nanak Dev ji free of cost so that Jassi can give it to his friends while doing promotion.Jassi is very proud citizen and he admires living in Pakistan. Jassi also helped uniting a family separated during partition. Besides singing, Jassi does lots of volunteer work for the wider community.Jassi is a budding writer who is keen in collecting and preserving our rish history e.g. Bhagat Singh, Gadri babe etc

MP Singh
Published on
Monday, July 28, 2014 - 16:52
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