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The author enjoying tea with a Pashtun Sikh, who runs a grocery store at the frontier city of Jamrud (Amardeep Singh)

Lost Heritage - the Sikh Legacy in Pakistan is a coffee table book that features previously unseen sites and buildings of historical, artistic, architectural and religious significance to Sikhs.... some well maintained, some dilapidated and others in ruins!

Manpreet K Singh
Published on
Friday, January 8, 2016 - 16:01
File size
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24 min 34 sec

Ever wondered what Chillianwalla looks like today - the battleground where the 2nd Anglo Sikh war was fought? Or what happened to the numerous "small" gurudwaras in Pakistan after the partition of 1947? Or to the havelis, houses, educational institutions established by the Sikhs in Pakistan?

 These questions dogged Singapore based Amardeep Singh for many years, after which he decided to go to Pakistan in October 2014 and find out first hand...


The 30-day long journey took to him to a myriad of places, filled him with a multitude of emotions - and has resulted in a recently published coffee table book which showcases more than 500 photos taken during that journey - including the gurudwara in Manshera that now serves as a municipal library, the gurudwara at Wazirabad which has become home to migrants who came from across the border in 1947.

 There are photos of the Haripur fort, which was built by the Sikh general Hari Singh Nalwa in the 1800s, of the Sheikhupura fort, where Rani Jindan was kept in captivity by the British after the fall of the Sikh empire, and much more.

 The book is being launched in three cities of Australia - Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, between January 9-17, 2016, and the author spoke to SBS Punjabi program from Singapore, before he embarked for the trip to Australia. Hear the interview by clicking on the audio link above, and do see the photo gallery attached below - which gives you a glimpse of the visual offerings in this book.