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Daljit Sanghera at her farm in Loxton, South Australia (SBS Punjabi)

Daljit Sanghera is perhaps the only female of Indian origin to be single-handedly running a farm in South Australia, perhaps even in all of Australia!

Manpreet K Singh
Published on
Friday, May 27, 2016 - 15:16
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Born and brought up in Nakodar (Punjab), Daljit migrated to Australia nearly three decades ago. After living for a few years in Melbourne, she moved with her husband to the Riverland area of South Australia, and they purchased a medium-sized farm in Loxton.

 Tragedy struck, when Daljit lost her husband at a tender of 40. Although she had three little children to take care of as well, with true Punjabi grit, she resolved to run the farm herself. With no prior experience of running a citrus farm, farm machinery and a small business, Daljit learnt the ropes well, and is a highly regarded member of the Riverland farming community.

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Recently released book "City Girl, Country Girl" by author Liz Harfull, showcases Daljit's achievements as a single mother and a hard working farmer.

 Daljit was also named "Woman of the Year" by the Riverland community some years ago, and remains a source of inspiration to many... She attributes all her achievements to the merciful hand of God, and says "self-belief and faith can achieve anything. All you need is dedication, and the Almighty helps out".

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