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Arif Luhar; Arif Luhar

Here we share an interview with Punjabi folk singer Arif Lohar. In this conversation, SBS Punjabi's Preetinder Grewal asked Arif questions about his singing career and the upcoming Australian tour.​Arif Lohar usually sings accompanied by a native musical instrument resembling tongs (called a chimta). His folk music is representative of the traditional folk heritage of the Punjab. He is the son of folk singer Alam Lohar, a prominent folk singer of Punjab and Pakistan. Arif briefly moved to acting in Punjabi movies before returning to his music career at the age of 22. Arif Lohar has played more than 50 foreign tours around the world during the last 20 years, including to the UK, US and UAE. In 2004, he performed in China for the opening of the Asian Games, which had a crowd of close to 1 million. In 2005, Arif Lohar was awarded the Pride of Performance Award by the Government of Pakistan - the highest civil award in Pakistan. To date, he has more than 150 albums to his credit and recorded more than 3,000 songs, mostly in the Punjabi language. In 2006, he made headlines in the Punjabi music world by releasing his album 21st Century Jugni, with music produced, arranged, and mastered by Mukhtar Sahota in Wolverhampton, UK, which was released by Internalmusic UK. (Info Wikipedia)  

Preetinder Grewal
Published on
Friday, May 8, 2015 - 23:01
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