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Latest in Punjabi radio

Latest in Punjabi Radio

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On International Mother Language Day 2018, celebrated every year on 21 February, UNESCO reiterates their commitments to linguistic diversity but what are the efforts...
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Alisha Kapoor needs new lungs, but the complexity of the surgery means she'll need a new heart as well. But if she gets them, the four year-old will be able to...
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Mr Ravinder Singh Bhalla was elected Mayor of the Hoboken city about three months back when he was labelled as a ‘terrorist’ in a slanderous flyer.
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An Indian national who moved to Australia last year has been duped of her hard-earned money. But Swati Nagar is concerned her personal information may be misused...
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The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been in India since Saturday and his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi is yet to meet him.