Australian Submarine Veterans (from left to right): Darren Thompson, Igor Kurdin, Sid Czabotar, Ken Chilvers (Provided by Sid Czabotar)

Australian veteran submariner Sid Czabotar visited Russia for the first time in June this year during the 54th International Submariners Congress. He says Russia was a pleasant surprise. Sid shared with us his impressions from the trip, including the Trans-Siberian journey and told about few touching moments.

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Saturday, August 12, 2017 - 16:23
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Interview with the captain Igor Kurdin
17 years since Kursk tragedy

Kursk submarine tragedy has its own place in the world navy history. What is the legacy and lessons of that incident? What has changed in the Russian submarine industry and how an Australian submariner veteran Sid Czabotar is remembered by his Russian 'buddies in boat' - tells captain Igor Kurdin.