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Latest in Russian radio

Latest in Russian Radio

Beatrice Venturin is a researcher looking into the emotional side of a language. Her focus is on Russian and English and she already concludes that Russian in more...
While most Australians are turning away from traditional forms of religious worship, Asian Australians are filling the pews of Christian churches in greater...
Federal police are given new powers enabling them to request Id from people in the airports if there is a "reasonable suspicion" they might  represent a...

This week in Russia

1."Где вы, мастреа театра?!"2."Птенец гнезда, человек из клана" Других вариантов нет.3. "Он сказал:" Поехали!"– теперь у Крыма есть новое будущее.

Fairy tale land of Irina Iris

We met the artist Irina Iris after the parents of her students described Irina as an amazing teacher. Her painting style is easily recognised as she often depicts...
Road to Russia

Articles, interviews and tips to gear up for FIFA World Cup 2018