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Russian Presidential Elections

Articles, interviews and reviews of the presidential race

Latest in Russian radio

Latest in Russian Radio

China's decision to restrict import of waste from Australia might result in rubbish piling up on local recycling facilities, as well as on the dumps. Waste from NSW is...
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New data from Kids Helpline shows it received more than 3,500 calls from children and other young people about bullying last year. Five out of six of those calls...
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How did Russian-Australias vote

The official information provided by the Embassy of the Russian Federation and the General Consulate of the Russian Federation in Australia.
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There was a campaign to cast a vote as well as to boycott the elections in the Russian-Australian community on the eve of the Russia’s presidential elections....
Австралия попала в десятку самых счастливых стран. Недавний отчет ООН показал, что рейтинг самых счастливых стран возглявляет Финляндия.