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Older Australians who experience abuse or their families will now be able to contact a free national hotline providing referrals and information on how people can best protect themselves. The federal government says the funding will be used...
Ruslan Shakin from Los Angeles already crossed Japan and Australia, and now running through New Zealand with a goal to raise money to provide drinking water to people in Africa. 
Интервью с Русланом сразу после завершения австралийской части марафона можно послушать и прочитать здесь: [node_list uuid="00872d70-d334-4d76-8345-1403fa7b9e6b"]

This week in Russia

1. Американскому  Конгрессу интересно... 2. Будет ли расследовано убийство Бориса Немцова, - тоже спрашивает Американский Конгресс. 3. "Крым наш" вот уже 5 лет. Итоги

'Kak po Notam' with Rada Tochalna

Our second episode of the music podcast has arrived! This time we catch up with soprano Rada Tochalna who, to pursue her career in singing, had to adjust to Australia's music tastes and shift from pure classics to Gypsy and Entertainment music...
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The government of New South Wales will spend about 5 million AUD to build new electric charging stations for electric cars. Today, there are only 800 such stations across Australia.
Matthew Flinders, a British naval officer in 1803 led the first expedition to circumnavigate Australia, and is widely credited with giving the continent its name.
A cross-continental custody battle has been resolved in favour of a Dutch mother, who fled Australia with her daughter to escape her abusive former partner.The case has highlighted issues with international child abduction laws, which were used to...
Fedor Konyukhov has passed the half way point of the first leg of his Round the world rowing trip and is now counting days before he reaches Cape Horn. Just before another change of the weather, we speak with the adventurer over the phone as he...
You can follow Fedor's trip here  

Meet the Pronin family

In this family Dad is the main person in the kitchen, while Mum is in charge of exercise books. In the evenings, they all together sing, read poems, or rehearse ballet steps. We asked the Pronin family, how to manage a career with five kids ...