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A leading retail company makes it difficult for its employees to have a toilet break. Youth unemployment remains a nation-wide problem. Young South Sudanese are struggling to find work.
The instant messaging application WhatsApp is one of the most common that people right across the world use to keep in touch.But it's now being used to provide for easier learning, too, shared between strangers in different countries who didn't....
The number of patients being admitted to hospital for palliative care is rising sharply, and is now higher than any other type of admission. Care providers are encouraging people to start having family conversations about their end-of-life plans.
A sculptor from Sydney Valeri Jelobinski told about his interesting and creative profession and remembered some funny stories when he had to find a compromise between a customer's idea and his own vision.
Brisbane spectators will have a special treatment this winter as Bolshoi theatre is heading there with two ballets: Spartacus and Jewels. Spartacus is called the identity card of the Soviet ballet school while Jewel is presented in Neo-classicism....
Dates and tickets are available here
Director of the Russian Resurrection film festival Nicholas Maksymov told SBS Russian about the monthly screening events; how the Festival team survived the recent scandal around the project, and what the director of the Festival dreams of.

Russian rock is alive in Sydney

The third concert of the Russian rock club was held in Sydney. The initiative to open the club belongs to the Russian community group with support of the Hornsby council and Hornsby RSL club.
Las week, the Russian comedians Alexander Revva and Mikhail Galustyan performed in Melbourne and Sydney. If you missed it, we invite you "to visit" the Sydney's show now.
Back-burning around Sydney is causing air pollution in the Western suburbs. The Greens are calling for total closure of all power stations, as well as for coal export to be stopped. Coal mines are contributing to air pollution too.
Top stories, important regional news and recent events across Australia.- Federal Elections: Coalition supporters are celebrating a remarkable election win as Labor prepares for a leadership contest to replace Bill Shorten.- Former Labor prime...
Forty-four years after the Netherlands won Eurovision, the country has done it again. Some 200 million people around the world watched as Duncan Laurence was crowned as Europe’s best pop act. 
Professor of Economics of Monash University, Dr Gennadi Kazakevitch, answered questions about the economic policies of the main parties.