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Jovan Milić (

Jovan Milić  is a Serbian human rights activists and humanitarian. Jovan's mission is sponsored and supported by the Red Cross. Jovan is the author of 10+ books dedicated to the promotion of human rights and spiritual dimensions of life. Last year he was a winner of the second Serbian national competition “Youth Heroes”. 

Milorad Doderovic
Published on
Tuesday, January 23, 2018 - 10:00
10 min 29 sec

In 2011, Jovan launched his student company to produce and distribute boomerangs through the organization Junior Achievement. He and almost fifty friends from his school went to this unknown market and caused a storm among the media.

At the age of 17, Jovan was named the most influential figure in the Serbian media, according to "E News", along with more famous names of the Serbian public scene. [

As a student in the second year of secondary school, Jovan created a website which helped students learn. Immediately following, he developed sites for Internet security and a site for language.Jovan is also the creator of the international platform and organization “Find Raoul”, dedicated to Raoul Wallenberg. Through this website, he has helped many poor young students and families from Serbia, Bosnia, Albania, Croatia, Norway. Part of this organization is the promotion of basic human rights. When he launched this site, he wasn't considered wealthy, and thus became the voice for the poor around the world.

Jovan is an active proponent of human rights as a fundamental social and economic right of poor students and families. He is a philanthropist who has helped thousands of poor people through the international organization “Find Raoul”. He is nominated for the Olof Palme Prize and Templeton prize.