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  • "Prayer for Unity and Healing" - Adelaide (SBS Sinhala)
Dinesha Dilrukshi Wijesuriya

20 May 2019 - 4:04 PM  UPDATED 20 May 2019 - 4:06 PM
The series of attacks in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday has shocked the nation , where more than 250 people have lost their lives and 500 others wounded.
These acts of terror conducted by a group of terrorists, have lead to innocent lives being lost, societies affected and severe repercussions on the economy of the country.
Sri Lanka has always been a multicultural society where individuals from all faiths coexisted in harmony.
During this situation in Sri Lanka it’s important that Sri Lankans from all faiths remain united as one. With this objective in mind, the Sri Lankan Muslim Association in South Australia along with the Islamic Society of South Australia held a “Prayer for unity and healing” on the 12th May 2019. Representatives from all faiths from the Sri Lankan Associations in Adelaide were present at the event. Series of Talks by the head communities of faith were delivered on the day. Leading Scholar Professor Abdulllah from the centre of Islamic knowledge and Thought and Imams from the South Australian Imams Councils, Wandana Mosque, Marion Mosque clearly denounced these acts as terror, and entirely against the principles and teachings of Islam. They emphasized that Islam is a religion of “Peace”, “Unity” and “Harmony”. And so did the Leaders of other faiths encourage “Unity and Harmony” during these distressful times in Sri Lanka.