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Four Major Artists Anniversaries. 90 years of the birth of singer Jozef Kuchar, 110 years of the compositor Eugen Suchon, 130 years of painter Martin Benka and 175 years of  another compositor Jan Levoslav Bella
New feature from series Famous Slovaks Abroad, in USA, today a diplomat Vincent Obsitnik and a Nobel Prize winner Dr. Carleton Gajdusek
50th anniversary of Prague Spring, memories of Alexander Dubcek and one unique, lost and hidden piece of poetry
Report from the opening night at 2018 Czech and Slovak Film Festival in Australia, directly from ACMI Melbourne with guests: Lubica Shannon, Eugenia Mocnay, Cerise Howard and Pavel Kohout
Jozef Banas about damaging import of  American and computer expressions to our beautiful Slovak  language
Short feature for 2018 Fathers Day with a bit of history, poetry and music
Former PM Malcolm Turnbull brings back Section 44 and eligibility of Peter Dutton sitting in parliament, sends SMS to party members and further damaging  Liberal position.

Women not Happy in Liberal Party

Foreign Ex-Minister Julie Bishop openly about bullying policies in Liberal Party

New Federal Cabinet, PM in Indonesia

New Australian PM Scott Morrison names his first cabinet and visits Indonesia
Regular stringer report from Roman Risa in Bratislava
Regular stringer report from Roman Risa in Bratislava
Regular stringer report from Roman Risa in Bratislava
Interview with Lubica Shannon about the next Czech and Slovak Film Festival in Australia from 12th to 26th September 2018 in Melbourne. Lubica also talks about the November Slovak school camp for our community on Phillip Island.
After two coups in Labor Party (Gillard, Rudd), Australian federal government was down again in the second Liberal Coup (Turnbull, Morrison) with the new PM. Scott Morrison becomes the 30th Prime Minister in the history and the 6th in just 11...

In memory of Alexander Dubcek

Archived fragments of the speech of Alexander Dubcek, Slovak hero of the Prague Spring 1968