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A flu immunisation needle

Researchers have found a drug that dates back to the second World War could help prevent flu deaths.It's a timely finding by scientists, with almost three hundred reported fatalities from the virus this year, in part down to an earlier-than-usual...
Each year almost four hundred thousand Australians relocate for work, education, lifestyle, family or better community support.As laws, regulations and service providers may differ from around the country; a checklist can make your interstate move...
It's often said older members of the community struggle to find suitable employment.
Nakango Visions is an NGO based in the Western Sydney suburb of Fairfield, providing older members of the community and those who came to Australia as refugees an opportunity to learn new skills in sawing....

What is NAIDOC?

The longstanding desire of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to have an enhanced role in decision-making in Australia underpins this year's NAIDOC week, that runs from July 7th to the 14th.
SBS Swahili takes a look at how NAIDOC week started and what it's about now.
Australia's 46th Parliament has ended its first week at work.
Beginning its first sitting week with a day of tradition and ceremony, the Coalition eventually scored a win on its tax-cut legislation. Here's a wrap of the week in politics.
Labor has conceded defeat on the Coalition's tax-cut plan, vowing to review stage three of the 158 billion-dollar plan at the next election.
This has left the bill on track to pass through the Senate and into law.

Swahili News

A potential breach of post-ministerial employment rules by Christopher Pyne has sparked calls for committee inquiry into the issue.Australians have been promised better service from their banks under a new code of practiceNewly-elected NSW Labor...

The impact of Online dating

Some daily activities often make us fail to find time to search for a partner, especially for older people.That is one reason why many seen plunged into a wave of looking for love through the Internet, but there are many other reasons and their...
Sexual intimacy is a natural part of human existence. Yet, as our physiology changes with ageing, our desires and abilities may also be impacted. So, how do we maintain intimacy as we age?

Getting married again

It’s a common portrait of modern family life with the last census showing that about a fifth of Australians had been married before. Whether you feel ready or not to try the knot again, there are complexities that come with age.

Swahili News

The Australian Christian Lobby's fundraising campaign for Israel Folau approaches half-a-million dollars;The City of Sydney has formally decLared a "climate emergency",Sweden through to the quarter finals of the Women's World Cup after beating...
What does the hair mean for an African mother or girl? Is there any discrimination against sisters about their hair?Two creative designers known as 2 Sydney Stylists have informed us through hair photography exbhition titled "Your Crown, Your Story."

Labor party confirm failure

Tax proposals and mixed messages on the coal industry were key reasons for Labor's loss in last month's federal election in Queensland.
So far this year, Australians have been fleeced of one point seven five million dollars because of identity theft.
He was struck in a hit-and-run accident in New South Wales' north.