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Sathana is one of the notable Tamil writers in Germany. His collection of short stories titled, 'Tholaindhu Pona Siriya Alavilana Karupu Nira Bible' was published recently. Panchalingam Theivigan-journalist and writer, presents a feature on...
There are several minor offences in Australia that could get you in trouble that you might not know about. And the consequences can be severe. Feature by Audrey Bourget.
MAFA (Melbourne Artists for Asylum Seekers) is a group of volunteers dedicated to hosting quality art workshops to Asylum Seekers both inside and outside of detention.Sriharan Ganesan and Shanmuganathan Nagaveeran(Ravi) talk about MAFA and their...

Australian news

The news bulletin aired on 17.06.2019 at 8pm.

Focus: Sri Lanka

Mathivaanan, our correspondent in Sri Lanka, compiled a report focusing on major events/news in Sri Lanka.    

Our Australia: Robert Menzies

Sir Robert Gordon Menzies was an Australian politician who twice served as Prime Minister of Australia. He played a central role in the creation of the Liberal Party of Australia, defining its policies and its broad outreach. He is Australia's...
Thevakie Karunagaran is one of the notable Tamil writers in Australia. ‘Kaalaththaal Karaiyatha Ninaivukal’ is one of the short stories of Thevakie. Balasingham Pirabakaran presents the story in audio form. 
Retirees who rely on interest from their savings are among the biggest losers from last week's Reserve Bank interest rate cut -  as term deposit and savings rates are slashed.  Experts are urging caution if moving into higher risk,...

Focus: Tamil Nadu

Raj, our correspondent in Tamil Nadu, compiled this report.  

Australian News

The news bulletin was broadcasted on 16 June 2019 at 8pm.
Jayashree Ramachandran is awarded one of Australia’s most prestigious awards, “The Order of Australia Medal” for significant service to the  performing arts through Indian music and dance.  Jayashree Ramachandran talks to Selvi about her...
Ten years have passed since the end Civil War in Sri Lanka.  SBS Tamil brings a special series on five major topics. In the second episode, we look at ’Human rights violations and enforced disappearances‘.Produced by: Renuka
Economists and policy experts are calling for a nationwide effort to combat the issue of ageism, which they claim is stripping older Australians of their rights.Whether in the workforce, healthcare or day-to-day conversations, industry...

Focus: Sri Lanka

Mathivaanan, our correspondent in Sri Lanka, compiled a report focusing on major events/news in North & East / Sri Lanka.    

Australian News

Australian news bulletin aired on Friday 14 June 2019 at 8pm.Read by Kulasegaram Sanchayan.