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Proposed new laws designed to expose criminal or terrorist activity could force technology companies to hand over customers' private communications. But critics are concerned about what the laws could mean for privacy.
The Opposition says it wants a detailed inquiry to consider the laws, regulations and rules underpinning the Federal Government's electronic health-record system. Labor has called for a Senate inquiry into the My Health Record and wants it...
Fraser Anning wants Muslims to be excluded from Australia's migrant intake, and welfare payments banned for all migrants within the first five years of their living here.

US dolar record hight against TL

Action plan to support Turkish Lira underway, Turkey's Treasury Minister Albayrak says
The United States sanctions on Iran is one of the issues that relate to economic and foreign policy areas of Turkey. Energy commentator Muhdan Saglam, tells, how Us sanction on Iran will impact Turkey.
Economist Mustafa Sonmez has written over twenty books on the Turkish economy. Now, explains why Turkey’s economy struggles with new political reality in 5 answers.
Turkish Consulate General Melih Karalar tells about new law and procedure.
Melbournian Turkish gay woman Guldem says she had to move from three cities in five years because of her sexuality when she was in Turkey.
The homelessness crisis in Australia is getting worst. At the last census, there were more than 116 000 people with no permanent home in the country.
Australia’s corporate regulator plans to have its officials policing the banks from within.

How to talk to kids about death

Today is Dying To Know Day in Australia. Dying to Know Day events activate conversations and curiosity about death. But 75 per cent of adults have not had a conversation about end of the life. And it's harder to talk with kids about it. A...
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