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Levent Efe says the surprise Coalition victory was not a surprise at all, noting that Labor complacency and the failure of the polling companies to take a good measure of the public mood was the reason why the pundits were shocked.
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We talked with our Cyprus correspondent Hasan Hastürer about the formation of a new government after the end of the four-nation coalition government in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the natural gas crisis on the Cyprus coast.
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* Six people reported dead in clashes in Jakarta over Indonesia's election result.* The Labor Party continues to search for a new leader.* Turkish Election Board postpones the justified decision on it's order re-run of Istanbul mayoral election.
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As the contest for the Labor leadership continues, the Coalition's promised tax refund for low and middle income earners looks set to be delayed. Prime Minister Scott Morrison says parliament looks unlikely to resume in time for the tax cut to be...
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The newly-elected federal parliament may have a record number of female MPs but it is likely to have fewer MPs born overseas than the last. The lack of ethnic diversity has sparked calls for controversial candidate citizenship requirements to be...

Aussies gaining weight

The average Australian has gained a significant amount of weight over the past three decades, according to a new study. (AUDIO IN TURKISH)

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* Prime Minister Scott Morrison is calling the federal election results a win for the quiet Australians...* Queensland M-P Jim Chalmers announces he is considering running for the Labor leadership...* In Turkey, all eyes are on the Supreme...
There's been a mixed but hopeful reaction from Australia's multicultural communities to the Federal Election.

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SBS Turkish News: As Australia tries to recover from the shock of a Liberal/Nationals victory over the weekend, the Labor leadership gathers to decide on how to proceed. Meanwhile, in Turkey, the nation celebrates the centenary of the beginning of...
Forty-four years after the Netherlands last won Eurovision, the country has done it again. Some 200 million people around the world watched as Duncan Laurence was crowned as Europe’s best pop act.
The unexpected failure of the Labor Party in the Federal Election has seen the party leader, Bill Shorten, step down. The question is now - who will step into that particular gap. (AUDIO IN TURKISH)

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In a weekend dominated by soccer, we now know the champions of the Australian A league, the English Premier League and the Turkish Superleague.
In what's being described as a significant turnaround from the predictions of the polls, the Liberal-National Coalition has taken victory in the Federal Election.