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  • Pakistani truck art in Australia (SBS Urdu)
States of New South Wales and Victoria house the most number of Pakistanis and Urdu speakers in Australia. Can you guess which state has the lead?
Zain Nabi

28 Jun 2017 - 12:47 PM  UPDATED 28 Jun 2017 - 12:56 PM

The 2016 Census data has revealed some interesting facts about the Pakistani and Urdu-speaking community living in Australia.

Pakistani community is one of the highest growing in Australia, and contributes the most number of people to the country’s Muslim population.

The population of Pakistani-Australians stood at 61,913 (37,720 males and 24,195 females) in 2016, an increase from 30,221 noted in the 2011 Census.

In the last few years Australia has welcomed more Pakistanis than ever before. In 2011, 3,775 Pakistanis arrived in Australia; 5,893 arrived in 2012; 6,347 in 2013; 6,355 in 2014; and 6,313 in 2015.

Islam most common religion in Australia after Christianity
Pakistan was the top contributor of Muslims in Australia (14.7 per cent), followed by Afghanistan (11.5 per cent).

The state of New South Wales had the most number of Pakistanis, followed by Victoria.

Here’s the breakdown of where most Pakistanis live in Australia.

NSW: 24,542

VIC: 21,125

WA: 5,437


SA: 3,445

ACT: 1,996

NT: 354



Number of Australians born in Pakistan doubles
In terms of population growth, the second fastest increase between 2006 and 2016 was in the number of persons born in Pakistan

As far as Urdu-speaking population is concerned, there were 69,293 people speaking Urdu at home. NSW took the lead here as well.

Here’s a breakdown of where they live.

NSW: 29,722

VIC: 23,205

WA: 5,368


SA: 2,942

ACT: 2,369

NT: 441