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  • Knuckle duster attack victim Abdullah (Supplied)
It has been few months since 21-year-old international student, Abdullah Qaiser, was attacked with a knuckle duster in Newcastle. Since then, he has undergone nose reconstructive surgery and deferred university by a semester.
Talib Haider

2 Oct 2018 - 11:59 AM  UPDATED 6 Dec 2018 - 1:00 PM

Few months have passed since Abdullah Qaiser was attacked at night by a group of young people.

While driving through the university campus, the 21-year-old international student's car was stopped by a group of around seven people who set upon him.

Mr Qaiser said a man shouted at him to “f*** off” and to “go back to your f***ing country.”

“'You don't belong here, you are a Muslim’, the usual racial comments,” Mr Qaiser told SBS.

SBS Urdu has since talked to Mr Qaiser who was left with a broken nose and injuries.

Knuckle duster attack: Victim told 'go back to your f***ing country'
Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward after a 21-year-old student of Pakistani origin was assaulted by a group of people at the University of Newcastle.

According to Abdullah, the injuries were quite severe. He had to undergo a reconstructive surgery of the nose which was smashed with a knuckle duster.

His Health

He says his life has not been the same since the incident.

"My nose was broken during the attack. Recently, I had to go to the hospital where they operated. The doctors had to realign the bone in my nose.

“The shape of my nose has changed; it is slightly crooked now.

"The doctors did tell me that they will not be able to reshape it 100% the way it was. I think it is out of shape compared to what it previously was.”

“I am thinking of undergoing another surgery for my nose as it is not the same”

His Studies

The 21-year old is a student at the University of Newcastle’s Callaghan campus.

The incident resulted in a delay in his studies too and he will restart his courses at the university in November.

“My new semester had just started when this incident happened. I had to defer my semester as I was hospitalised for a while. There are still several weeks before the next semester starts.” Abdullah said.

“My study time was wasted and time is the most important thing for a student.”

His Life

For Abdullah, the attack has changed so many aspects of his life, but he says he does not want to have negativity in life.

“I am certainly affected by what happened to me that day. But if I keep on thinking about it will push me towards further negativity. I have to be positive about life.

“I want to overcome the ordeal.”

"I do not want to have any negativity in mind and want to be positive about everything in life.”


Abdullah says he is still waiting for some outcome of the investigation as there has been no update as to who attacked him.

“I had never seen them before; they were complete strangers to me. It has been two months but I haven’t seen them.

"After the incident, I went to the police station to give a statement. Police told me that they are investigating, but so far there has been no update.

"My mobile phone was taken away during the attack which has not been recovered so far.”

 (Above: Abdullah's interview with SBS after the attack.)

However, Abdullah says international students currently in Australia or those who plan on coming here must not be discouraged by this incident.

“I believe that not all fingers are the same size; there are different kinds of people everywhere. It is not just Australia. Such things also happen in other countries. The students must make their own decisions as to what they want to do. If they plan to study here then God will help them here too.

"It has been one and a half year since I came here to study. I have really good Aussie friends. The study pattern is really good and helpful for students.”

Abdullah now spends his time with friends and university students and is preparing for the next semester.

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