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Latest in Urdu radio

Latest in Urdu Radio

Interview with Tamjid Aijazi

Tamjid Aijazi, a Perth based filmmaker, talked about his new movie Thappa and his endeavour to make a Pakistani movie with international standards.

Don’t Give Up, Give Back!

Abdul Razzaq, an asylum seeker, told his motivational story how he changed his and other's life by following his motto 'don't give up, give back'.
The Pakistan film industry witnessed a number of box office flop movies in 2017, but thanks to some unexpected hits, we can hope for a better 2018. Our Executive...

Justice for Zainab

Little Zainab was the twelfth victim in Kasur district area, who was abducted, sexually assaulted, and killed. Her body was found on last Tuesday in a rubbish bin...
A young Pakistani couple, based in Sydney, has undertaken a mighty task of producing cartoon series and poems for children in Urdu to teach them Islamic, moral,...

Settlement Guide

We're talking about life and issues that affect you in settling in Australia.

Navigating the Australian health system, understanding what the doctors say and remembering all the information they give you can be confusing, even if you grew up in...
Australia is one of the most expensive countries in the world when it comes to higher education. It's no surprise that 90 per cent of its eligible students take...
Australia has been a secular country since federation. The Constitution of 1901 prohibits the Commonwealth government from interfering with the free exercise of...
As an employee, you have clear rights when it comes to pay, conditions and safety. And there's easy ways to report it, if those rights are not accepted.
This week's settlement guide looks at strategies you can employ to secure a job interview