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Pakistani showbiz celebrity Meesha Shafi’s statement has sparked Pakistan’s own #MeToo movement and more women are Meesha Shafi, who has acted in films such as...

Where MQM Pakistan stands today?

Which fiction is truly representing Sind urban voters? Who is responsible of MQM current position? What is party election strategy? Is MQM afraid of PTI? Bitter...
 19 year old Pakistani student Tayyab Azam from Lahore was registered in Strathfield College in Sydney. Pakistani Consulate general in Sydney Abdul Majid...
Held on the 25th of April, Anzac Day was first created to honour those who fought at Gallipoli during World War One. The date refers to the day in 1915 when the...
عثمان کی ریچل سے پہلی ملاقات تین برس پہلے کچھ دوستوں کے ذریعے ہوئی تھی، جس کے بعد دونوں نے جولائی 2016ء میں نیو یورک میں چھٹیوں کے دوران منگنی کر لی تھی۔