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Huyen Trinh, Calum Ludwig with their two sons Jayden and Liam in a trip (Supplied)

Going back home after one year travelling around Australia, Huyen Trinh's family is facing real life. Their two children, Jayden and Liam go back school after dropping out for a year, while Huyen and Calum are working fulltime to pay off their house. Free of mortgage, buy a farm, adventure travel and what next in their bucket list?

Bích Ngọc, Olivia Nguyen
Published on
Thursday, May 23, 2019 - 11:31
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Many of us have dreamed of doing the big lap around Australia.  A caravan journey around Australia of the Vietnamese-Australian couple, Huyen Trinh and Calum Ludwig has inspired others.

Huyen Trinh's confidence, assertiveness and courage in teaching her children made many parents admire.

But the question arises, after such 12 months of wandering, whether the four-members of family will find the balance in the life that they escaped before.

Huyen Trinh gives SBS Vietnamese an interview about her family's life after the trip.