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Tune in 8pm on Thursdays as Food Safari kicks back into delicious gear! Get ready to jump on the vibrant bounty that is Food Safari Earth. #FoodSafari

Vegetables have a sexy side! Food Safari returns with a brand-new series that explores the endless possibilities of fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and more. Food...
It's time to take tempura out of the too-hard basket, and to start thinking outside the (bento) box.
Like Italy's osterias, Spain's bodegas and France's bistros, Turkey's eating houses, known as meyhanes, are a place to come together over meze and, more...
A fresh and vibrant springtime stew from the kitchens of Rome, la vignarola makes the best of the season's produce.
Love bread? Here is an A-Z carb-loading list from around the globe.

Food Safari Fire

Who wants a piece of Food Safari Fire? Find all your favourite recipes from the show online, plus or interview with Maeve O'Meara.

Episode guide

Maeve O'Meara is back with this 10-part series about how cultures across the world cook with fire. Learn the secrets to grilling, smoking, roasting and baking.
“This showstopper of a pie from grandmother, Christina Phillips, is full of green goodness. Christina is from Northern Greece and still cooks her treasured...
Food Safari Fire host Maeve O’Meara spent six months filming with chefs, home cooks and barbecue buffs in the backyards and back lots of Australia. Here she...
“Melbourne pizzaolo Johnny Di Francesco has been perfecting pizza his whole life in Australia and in Naples, and in 2014 he won the huge Best Pizza in the World...
‘The secret to cooking with coals and to capture the essence of the smoky flavours is to have no flame and just the glowing embers,’ he says. This is a...

In your Food Safari element

Here's how to you can use an excellent tempura batter to lock in the magic of springtime vegetables - it's certainly worth the crunch!
A fresh and vibrant springtime stew from the kitchens of Rome, la vignarola makes the best of the season's produce.
Serve with cold water for the kids or with something stronger for the adults, this Lebanese drink is perfect as the summer sets in.
Simple spring ingredients come together to deliver a slow-cooked dish that gives new life to beans.
If you've never tried the non-fruit part of the pumpkin plant, this is an excellent way to start.
Cappellacci means 'little hats' and rolling pasta to create these delicious little mouthfuls of flavour takes some practice but the results are magnificent. 
A bowl of Lebanese mujaddara is the ultimate comfort food and it's amazing to think that so much flavour can come out of lentils and rice.
A traditional-style corn cake topped with a sweet guava paste - it hits the sweet spot warm or cold. Buen provecho! 
Very few dishes come close to the mix of the light crispy, slightly spongy dosa with its mild fermented tang, filled with the most glorious spicy potato...
Dial up your love of cake and spice with this family favourite that calls on preserved pumpkin and lime zest to seal the deal.
What an eye opener this dish is - read the recipe and you’re thinking herb frittata - assemble it and you realise that herbs are the supreme stars and eggs simply...
An abundance of herbs makes this vegetable green curry really sing.

Food Safari recipes

Rosewater is popular in Middle Eastern cooking, and the star of Turkish delight. This recipe for Afghan sweets also includes walnuts and pistachios.
This recipe for the Afghan version of chicken korma is so simple. It’s a dish filled with delicious spices, creamy yoghurt and chana dal, which has a low...
Served in the centre of the table, this dish is a complete meal and needs little else but bread and a good appetite.
Chana dal is a type of pulse, related to the chickpea. Chana dal has a very low glycaemic index so it makes a good addition to the diabetic diet. This recipe for...

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