Hosts Qatar are now set to kick off proceedings against Ecuador.
A combined international agency is charged with investigating serialised crimes that cross over borders, hunting down criminals and bringing them to justice.

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Meet the scientists, historians and craftspeople working to return the 850-year-old masterpiece to glory.
The inspiring story of Shontell Leah Ketchell, an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander woman, who is an aspiring screenwriter who works as a production operator on a...
SBS is committed to giving a voice to all Australians, regardless of gender, geography, age, cultural background or language.
SBS encourages all Australians to embrace and celebrate a world of difference. Why? Watch this video.
Australia's per capita COVID-19 rate is among the highest in the world, so why are so few people masking up?
Shiv Sheridan is many things: a talented artist, a passable daughter, a mildly infuriating sister… and an alcoholic.
From Colombian arepa to Canadian poutine, 'The Streets' follows Dan as he sets out to celebrate national icons, tracing them back to their roots and cooking them.
Father and daughter, husband and wife, former lovers. Will the medical team taking care of the six in a complicated organ donation chain pull off a miracle?
We received a treasure trove of entries that showed us the transporting power of food. Let's meet the winners of our competition.
Journalist and newsreader Sandra Sully seeks to understand her family's reverence for war service, and incredibly discovers her maternal grandfather had a...
SBS is committed to informing all Australians about the latest coronavirus developments. News and information about coronavirus (COVID-19) is available in 63...
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Seven seasons of 'Alone', plus 'Alone Denmark', 'Alone Norway', 'Alone Sweden' and now 'Alone: The Beast'.

Season 3 of Seth MacFarlane's space adventure series set 400 years in the future follows The USS Orville, a mid-level exploratory spaceship.
A dedicated forensic psychiatrist is assigned to assess the sanity of Connie Mortensen, a mother accused of a despicable crime.
As tributes flow for the legendary songman and activist, revisit his moving interview with Karla Grant.
Follows the lives of seven Indigenous students as they leave home to spend a year at one of the oldest and most elite boarding schools in the country, Geelong...
As the world mourns our Aussie superstar, we look back on the iconic music videos. In this documentary she reflects on the making of Physical, You're The One That...
Police officer D.I. Ray (Parminder Nagra) is promoted to join a homicide investigation that forces her to confront a lifelong personal conflict between her...
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Learn how to talk about recycling and discuss living a sustainable life.
In this episode of Our Deaf Ways, First Nations Australian Sue Frank and wheelchair user Petra Svab discuss how their attitudes have been shaped by their...
If you're thinking of entering the 2022 SBS Emerging Writers' Competition, consider this your cheat sheet. You will hear from our competition judges Christos...
First Nations stories are rich and diverse, and the world is hungry for them. But when stories are told about, and not with First Nations people,...
In this episode of the podcast ‘Harmful’, hear two women’s shocking experiences of workplace bullying and how it led to long lasting psychological harm....
Top-quality international series, baskets full of foodie delights and mountains of movies are leaving this month. Catch them while you still can.
This critically acclaimed drama shows the senseless brutality of war, both on and off land. Vicky Krieps plays Simone Strasser, torn between two sides.
"You want to fight? Let's fight." In this highly anticipated fifth season, Gilead's power threatens to cross borders, and June struggles with the consequences of...
Greg Davies and Alex Horne return in a new season of this entertaining comedy show, setting up five top comedians with a series of bizarre and ingenious tasks.
On Insight: Do Australians get enough help when in trouble abroad or do they have unrealistic expectations of what can be done in a foreign country?
Set in the stunning landscape of Norway, the hit crime drama returns, following Detective Wisting as he embarks on the most intense days of his life, hunting two...
The council supports the work of John Moriarty Football, the longest running scholarship program for Blak soccer players.
Three young adults with roots in four different cultures attempt to navigate adulthood, dealing with embarrassing incidents, uncertainty, and uncomfortable...
The tour, which runs 11-14 August, journeys down the Norwegian coastline from just below the Arctic Circle to Trondheim.
SBS has two new locally-produced news bulletins, SBS عربي News and SBS 中文 News. Here's how you can watch.
Currently in production in Melbourne, SBS is excited to announce the cast of its upcoming TV series, thriller, 'Safe Home'.