New resource for SBS series, The Family Law season 3. Years 7-10: English, Drama and Media Arts.

Go Back To Where You Came From

Featuring source material from across SBS and the International Committee for the Red Cross, it encourages students to analyse the context of global refugee crises in 2018, based on the locations set in this year's series. Years 10 – 12: English.
International students should understands their rights and responsibilities. Check out these fact sheets listing important information about housing, employment, health and well-being, legal support and more. Available in 7 languages.

Filthy Rich & Homeless

Take the discussion from the TV screen into the classroom with the Filthy Rich and Homeless curriculum linked resources Years 9&10: English, and Health & Physical Education.

Cultural Diversity Study Guides

Partnering with ATOM, SBS has created study guides to accompany the SBS CCP to build capability around inclusion & cultural diversity in Australia. Years 7 to 10: Civics & Citizenship, English, Health & Physical Education, Media Arts, & History.

The Harmony Game

Celebrate diversity through classroom activities inspired by football. Years 5 – 8: English, Geography, Mathematics, and Health & Physical Education.

Grace Beside Me

Explore the Indigenous realm of culture, Country, and spirits with NITV's latest children's TV series, Grace Beside Me. Years 4 – 8: English, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Media Arts.

Small Business Secrets

Small Business Secrets is a weekly SBS TV program shining a light on the small business owners and innovators playing a vital role in Australia’s economic growth.
The Go Back To Where You Came From Interactive School Resources contain curriculum-relevant tutorials based on video clips from the series. The tutorials include student activities, supported by teacher notes with background information, facts and...


Unleash the natural forces of K'gari to destroy one of Australia's first fake news stories with an exciting new classroom resource based on an interactive animation. Years 7-10: English, History, Media Arts and more.