China says Australian citizen Yang Hengjun is being detained on national security grounds.
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A second chance at life comes in some surprising forms.
The Australian Premiere of Vikings continues on SBS with Season 5 Part 2, full of battles and betrayals.
Thornton’s searing outback parable has long fingers hooked in both the past and the present. This powerful film will premiere on both SBS and NITV on January 26, 2019.
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There's so much slow television in this January's Slow Summer that it will be difficult to miss. But, also, you don't want to miss a second of it.
From ancient history to ruminations about the modern class divide, a trip along the UK’s canal network can turn up some interesting things.
Crossing Australia from Perth to Sydney, the pivotal part played by the transcontinental railway line in linking the far-flung west coast with the eastern states...
How to get your Eurovision - Australia Decides tickets

Find out how you can be a part of the action, as we determine Australia's entry for Eurovision 2019 in live events on Queensland's Gold Coast.

Jimmy and Gretchen are the worst. But they’re also your new BFFs. Watch four full seasons of the hot comedy about awful people you’ll love to hate.
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Kidnapped in Africa and enslaved in South Carolina, Aminata must navigate a revolution in New York, isolation in Nova Scotia and the jungles of Sierra Leone, in...
11-year-old Max identifies as a girl and wants to live her life as Maxine. A landmark new series about a trans child's courage told with heartfelt compassion.
King Arthur and his knights embark on a low-budget search for the Grail, encountering many, very silly obstacles.
In the lead up to 26 January, NITV is playing the best Indigenous films and television series including Sweet Country, which will have its television premiere.
The proud Gamilaroi woman said: “I don’t want to celebrate it."
One of the band’s founders said he does not support protests on the national holiday or changing the date.
Kakadu National Park is the big winner with Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten visiting with big funding promises.
The report calls on Canberra to "stop ignoring" the many human rights violations experienced by Aboriginal people on a daily basis.
OPINION: In reality, 26 January never marked the commencement of “Australia”; it marked the commencement of British settlement on the continent.
Based on a true story, dedicated French cop Pierre Michel risks his life to crack a heroin ring masterminded by powerful mobster Gaëtan Zampa.
This gripping thriller mirrors the real-life operations of the CIA in the German capital. Season 3 is loaded with twists and turns to keep you hooked.
Actor & activist Russell Brand's transformation from addict, narcissist and Hollywood star living in the fast-lane to his role as political disruptor.
Helen Mirren leads an all-star cast in this smart, edge-of-your-seat thriller exploring the moral and political quandaries of drone warfare.
You still have time to binge The Handmaid's Tale second season at SBS On Demand.