Montaigne and Didirri are the next two artists to participate in ‘Eurovision – Australia Decides’ in February 2020.
Dr Daniel Milton has a subterranean side hustle: he’s literally gone underground to set up an illegal medical clinic catering to London’s criminal underworld.
If you love the Aussie classic - the vanilla slice - then perhaps it's time to put its European cousins on your menu. From France's mille-feuille to Serbia's krempita,...
NSW firefighters are hopeful of completing some crucial containment work before hot and dry conditions worsen.
Thousands have turned up for a mass demonstration in Hong Kong, six months after the start of a wave of anti-government protests pushing for greater freedoms.
It's time to tell us who your fave rookie is!
SBS encourages all Australians to embrace and celebrate a world of difference. Why? Watch this video.
Set in a small Orlando-adjacent town in 1992, this dark comedy series follows Krystal Stubbs (Kirsten Dunst) as she cons her way up the ranks of a multibillion-dollar...
It's the most talked about TV drama of 2019, and it's now showing on SBS and SBS On Demand.
2019 saw a bounty of brilliant new TV series from home and abroad. If you haven’t seen them, don't miss your chance to catch up on the shows that captivated...
Aaron Mooy produced a brilliant 90 minute performance for Brighton against Arsenal, while fellow Aussie Mat Ryan made two big saves.
Based on true events, 'Mary and Mike' is the thrilling story of elite agents working for the Chilean dictatorship in the '70s, while maintaining the appearance of...
A selection of feature films and documentaries leaving SBS On Demand throughout December.
Scott Morrison has announced the arts department will be rolled into a department that will also oversee roads and rail.
SBS is thrilled to announce we’ll be bringing you season 2 of ‘Shrill’.
This adaptation of the best-selling account of the crime that shocked Australia retraces the events that led to the murder of Joe Cinque by his girlfriend, Anu Singh.
Season 2 of Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi’s offbeat comedy sees our favourite officers back investigating all manner of supernatural events.
Our ultimate foolproof guide on how not to stuff up the turkey, whether it's your first or fiftieth, we've got your back.
On International Day of People with Disability, a mother of three boys who were born profoundly deaf tells SBS News how advancing technology and an early...
Billed as the most controversial crime show on its release in 1995, this landmark two-part series is available at SBS On Demand now.
Baby Yoda has excellent taste, according to SBS PopAsia.

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An Aboriginal teenage girl persuades her family to move out of the fringe into the main white community, but things don't turn out the way she imagined.
Whether it's freshwater, saltwater or in the pool — swim in a celebration of cultural storytelling.
Returning for its second season, Child Genius follows 16 of Australia's brightest kids as they undergo a series of challenging quizzes that would stump even the...
Olivier Assayas’ unnerving mystery stars Kristen Stewart as a personal shopper to the stars determined to make contact with her dead twin brother.
In this movie featuring gorgeous choreography, a young ballerina leaves behind a promising future at the prestigious Bolshoi Ballet to dance in France.
Familiar favourites return to NITV next year, as well as some new programs that push television boundaries.
From Nat King Cole to Gurrumul, from the Deep South to Arnhem Land, tune in and celebrate these incredible artists with an up-close and personal look at their...
Researchers say people living in cashless debit card trial sites in WA and SA have been leaving town faster than those in similar towns across the outback.
Indigenous artists feature big, bold and beautifully Blak at the 2019 ARIAs in Sydney overnight.
After more than fifty years fighting for the rights of his people, the proud Wangerriburra and Birri Gubba man passed away yesterday.
As the first Indigenous federal cabinet minister, Ken Wyatt is widely respected but by the same token, the expectations on him are very high.
Thanks to the bushfires, waking up in Sydney has been reminiscent of my time in Ulaanbaatar.
How one woman is using an aromatic spice tin and a personal story of schoolyard bullying to teach pre-schoolers to embrace different foods and people of all...
It’s an instinctual thing to want to arm your child with all the tools they need to help them get ahead.
Growing up, I had little agency. From my clothes and hair to how I spent my ‘free time.’
"This is currently scientifically-impossible. This is life-threatening. This is stupid."