Six people have died and at least 200 are injured in civil unrest in Jakarta, according to the local governor, after Tuesday's release of election results.
Police said investigations are continuing after five people were arrested for allegedly defrauding the National Disability Insurance Scheme of more than $1 million.
This gripping thriller looks at one of the biggest mysteries of our time: who exactly was the Tank Man of Tiananmen Square?
This week on 'Who Do You Think You Are?' Australia’s favourite scientist Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.
This week on Insight: Nearly two thirds of Australians are overweight or obese and more of us are turning to surgery to deal with the problem. Insight explores how...
SBS's new series 'Medicine or Myth?' sees a panel of experts discover whether the home remedies of everyday Australians can actually be viable treatments.
SBS encourages all Australians to embrace and celebrate a world of difference. Why? Watch this video.
Three couples with relationship issues share their sex tapes as they seek to relight the fire with input from a relationship therapist.
Introducing your new weeknight addiction: 'The X-Files' on SBS VICELAND.
This week on Dateline: Muay Thai is one of the toughest martial arts in the world. But after the death of a child boxer, Thailand debates the future of its national...
Join Myf Warhurst and Joel Creasey for the Eurovision Grand Final, and find out who wins the 64th edition of the most flamboyant singing contest.
This sixth season is coming to an end with a bang for our favourite Brooklyn police squad. Expect old faces, dangerous cases and plenty of laughs.
SBS World Movies free-to-air channel will bring world cinema to all Australians, all-day, every day, from July 1.
In this third season of TV's best legal drama, Diane Lockhart tries to figure out how to resist a crazy administration without going crazy herself.
You still have time to binge The Handmaid's Tale second season at SBS On Demand, before season 3 begins on June 6. And listen to the companion podcast, Eyes On...
Join the audience of 'Mastermind Australia'

The legendary game show is returning to our screens. Here's your chance to have a ringside seat.

SBS Food's most popular recipe for more than a decade. Not only is this cake incredibly moreish and moist, it is also gluten and dairy-free making it the perfect all...
This compelling series examines the complex intersections of fantasy and reality while uncovering the dark and untold history of professional wrestling.
History is turned on its head in this gripping series adapted from Len Deighton's bestselling thriller, as 1940s Britain struggles to adjust to life under Nazi...
Therapists and cleaning crews help families who struggle mentally and physically to deal with the mountain of junk and garbage overtaking their home.
This animated, wordless story about a stranded castaway pays tribute to what's most important in life: companionship, love, family, and the stewardship of nature.
And Seth MacFarlane is fake furious about it.
In ‘8 Days’, a cosmic collision that will annihilate Europe is inevitable. And this time, there is no Bruce Willis coming to save the day.
Starting in 1964, the long-running documentary series returns for its ninth instalment, ‘63 Up’, on SBS in June.
Based on a true story, this acclaimed new drama stars GoT's Aidan Gillen as an astronomer leading top-secret investigations into U.F.O.s in 1950s America.
Followers from around the world travel to Mount Carmel to hear the preaching of David Koresh, a local Texas working-class kid turned prophet of God and leader of...
In the heartwarming '5 Flights Up', a husband (Morgan Freeman) and wife (Diane Keaton) face the sale of their apartment after 40 years.
New SBS online documentary 'Missing' recognises Indigenous heroes in Australian true crime story.
APY Lands artist receives prestigious landscape prize, makes history as fourth consecutive year an Indigenous person has claimed the honours.
Cape York lawyer Noel Pearson addresses a public hearing in Brisbane that seeks to reduce imprisonment and recidivism.
It follows the smash-hit reception of her incisive play Black is the New White.
The Queensland State Library celebrates the significance of community radio with an exhibition documenting the history of 98.9FM Murri Country.
A heart breaking, award winning film written and presented by Richard Frankland, which tells the story of Malcolm Smith, an Aboriginal man who died while in...
Featuring an all-star cast, the genre-busting Arctic epic series returns with one final visit. Binge all three seasons of this chilling crime drama now.
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Where are the participants of SBS's Filthy Rich and Homeless now? Almost one year on, they’re still using their position to raise awareness about homelessness.
How classic Kung Fu movies informed a groundbreaking crew of young rappers from Staten Island.
Lefty Brown (Bill Pullman) is a 63-year-old sidekick. Loyal, crotchety and rarely taken seriously, he’s ridden with Western legend Edward Johnson for his entire...