A video explaining the concept of coercive control in 23 languages, as SBS airs the documentary 'See What You Made Me Do'. Part of SBS's Settlement Guide.
Here's how different types of violence against women are categorised and the ways you or someone you know can find support.
SBS is committed to giving a voice to all Australians, regardless of gender, geography, age, cultural background or language.
The man - from Sydney's eastern suburbs - has not travelled overseas and is not a frontline health, border, or quarantine worker.
SBS is committed to informing all Australians about the latest coronavirus developments. News and information about coronavirus (COVID-19) is available in 63 languages.
STREAM FREE: The fourth season of the award-winning drama series can be seen exclusively on SBS and at SBS On Demand. Episode 4 online early!
SBS encourages all Australians to embrace and celebrate a world of difference. Why? Watch this video.
SBS has secured the exclusive free-to-air broadcast rights to the Giro d’Italia until 2025, cementing the network’s place as the home of cycling in Australia.
“It is a social norm that if someone texts you multiple times, they love you so much that they just can’t stop talking to you”.
'See What You Made Me Do'
"He would have gone to jail and had some of his entitlement taken from him,” say the parents of Hannah Clarke.
Investigative journalist Jess Hill hosts landmark three-part series 'See What You Made Me Do', premiering Wednesday 5 May on SBS, NITV and SBS On Demand.
As SBS airs 'See What You Made Me Do', four women have their say about coercive control, the most common risk factor in the lead up to a domestic violence homicide.
DARVO stands for 'Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender.' Perpetrators often use DARVO to shame victims into believing they are responsible for the abuse.
On Dateline: Kübra Eken was attacked by her husband two days after giving birth. She spent the next five years fighting for justice and her daughter.
To support the issues raised in See What You Made Me Do, SBS offers a range of programming and online content to build greater understanding of domestic abuse.
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There is a lot going on in this series and we think it helps to talk it out at the end of every episode. Join Fiona, Haidee, Sana, and Natalie every week.
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COVID-19 and vaccination
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The EU is considering letting vaccinated foreigners from countries keeping the virus at bay to travel into the bloc without restrictions.
SBS is committed to informing all Australians about the latest coronavirus developments. News and information about coronavirus (COVID-19) is available in 63...
A website designed to allow eligible Australians to book a COVID-19 vaccine appointment at their nearest GP is now live. Here's what you need to know.
Vaccine waiting times and when international borders will reopen - here's what you wanted to know about the updated AstraZeneca advice and Australia's vaccine...
Eleven months after leaders first agreed to it, two-way quarantine-free travel between Australia and New Zealand has been formally announced.
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