The leaders of the 53 member states have approved Prince Charles to succeed the Queen as the head of the Commonwealth.
DJ and producer Avicii has been found dead in the Middle East country of Oman, a publicist says, with few details available; he was 28.
The US Democratic Party is suing Russia, the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks for allegedly conspiring to influence the 2016 election in Donald Trump's favour.
In the US under Trump, journalism has been attacked as "fake news". Spend a year inside The New York Times newsroom with the reporters on the front line.
Veteran performer Noni Hazlehurst goes in search of the secrets her parents held so tightly and uncover some extraordinary revelations.
New season of the acclaimed 'Untold Australia' documentary series premieres Wednesday 16 May at 8:30pm on SBS.
The LIVE football continues on SBS this week, with 12th-placed Watford hosting 16th-placed Crystal Palace in the Premier League.
Dark dramas about murder and intrigue aren't going away, but there are great Nordic shows showcasing the lighter side of life.
The Matildas missed a golden opportunity to head into next year's FIFA Women's World Cup as Asian champions after suffering a late 1-0 defeat against Japan in Amman.
Ever find yourself asking "What are you even doing, Mr Trump"? A documentary this Sunday night on SBS reveals the method in The Donald's madness.
If you think the Republic of Gilead - land of drama series 'The Handmaid's Tale' - is a work of fiction, think again.
Lance Armstrong will pay $US5 million to settle a federal suit claiming he defrauded his sponsor, the US Postal Service, by using performance-enhancing drugs.
In the midst of many desperate attempts to lose weight, we may have overlooked one of the easiest, safest and quickest ways to diet and eat less.
Claire Danes stars as CIA officer Carrie Mathison, who is top in her field despite being volatile and unpredictable. At the end of season six, following an...
The Handmaid's Tale won best television drama series and its star Elizabeth Moss was named best actress in a television drama series at the Golden Globes. Watch...
Learn about our society in the SBS Cultural Atlas

The Cultural Atlas is an educational resource providing comprehensive cultural information on the countries from which Australia’s biggest migrant populations originate.

When a young investment banker is confronted with the unscrupulous machinations of the finance world, she has to decide how far she's willing to go for her career.
If you have an intense fear of your food or are incredibly selective about the foods you eat, you may Selective Eating Disorder.
The Cambridge Analytica scandal is drawing attention to malicious data thieves and brokers. 'Why I'm Not on Facebook' airs Tuesday 17 April at 8:30pm on SBS...
SBS is looking for passionate home cooks who want to showcase their skills in the second series of The Chefs' Line. Could that be you?
Victoria is facing a worsening epidemic of buruli ulcer: here's what is known about the flesh-eating infection.
Kim Cattrall stars as America’s first female president who is kidnapped while on an official visit to Sweden in the second season of this thrilling Nordic Noir.
Meryl Streep won an Oscar for her incredible performance as a survivor of Nazi concentration camps who harbours a terrible secret.
April 26 feels so far away...
This unique documentary presents the catastrophic 9/11 events through footage obtained from more than 100 people, who grabbed their cameras to record what...
The running order of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Finals has been announced.
The story of The Knights Templar, powerful guardians of the Holy Grail and inspiration for Arthurian legends.
#WalkWithUs - Indigenous Stories
A group of Indigenous protesters have formed a roadblock on the route of the Queen’s baton relay, delaying the event for around an hour.
ANALYSIS: A new report has been released, detailing the habits of Indigenous Australians on social media.
The Burrup Peninsula is home to one of Australia’s most sacred sites, boasting more than one million rock art pieces.
NITV's new drama series Grace Beside Me is funny, a bit spooky, full of adventure and now available to watch On Demand.
A statue celebrating the life of Yorta Yorta man Uncle William Cooper has been unveiled in the town of Shepparton, Victoria.
Do you really know Australia’s story?
A film born out of sexual frustrations has come to SBS VICELAND and SBS On Demand.
Acclaimed multiple Golden Globe Award-winning comedy drama created, produced by & starring Donald Glover, about two cousins on the Atlanta music scene.
The Secret is a chilling true crime series based on the disturbing real events of a Sunday school teacher and a respectable, religious dentist (a chilling...
This Oscar-nominated documentary recounts how Daniel Ellsberg leaked the top-secret Pentagon Papers, revealing the government‘s lies about the Vietnam War.
We trust the social network with the most private details of our lives. But what does the company that Mark Zuckerberg built do with all of that personal...