Three men have been found guilty of planning a Christmas Day terrorist attack.
Labor tried to pass a 12-month extension, but the crossbench would only agree to a shorter delay before millions of Australians are automatically signed up for a...
Storybooks contain 50 per cent more rare words than prime time TV.
Accountants, engineers and teachers make up some of Australia’s Mensa members. But a cartoonist, a potter, a special effects makeup artist, a train driver and a yoga...
When it comes to movies, there's something for everybody on SBS, SBS VICELAND, NITV and SBS On Demand. Find out what's screening where and when.
The Rule household in WA has one mother, nine daughters and whole lot of chaos. So who are the women on NITV's fly-on-the-wall docu-series?
Want to test your inner Genius? Try one of the quizzes featured in the first episode of 'Child Genius'.
Find out how you can be a part of the action, as we determine Australia's entry for Eurovision 2019 in live events on Queensland's Gold Coast.
James is a cheeky primary school-aged kid with a passion for solving Rubik’s cubes.
Dr Chris van Tulleken takes over part of a GP surgery with a focus on children on medication, and taking them off drugs.
When we devalue Asian children and their intelligence, we tell them that it is impossible to be Asian and creative, Asian and a writer, Asian and comedic.
Everyone's favourite space adventure show is now fast-tracked at SBS On Demand and on SBS VICELAND.
We talked to the 'Child Genius' host about competition, bad TV and what she learned from 19 of the smartest kids in Australia.
Michael Palin travels to the battlefields in France and Belgium to see the places where American, British , French and Canadian troops were fighting as the Great...
In October 2017, descendants of Aboriginal soldiers who fought as part of the WW1 Palestine campaign, gathered in Israel to mark the 100 year anniversary of the...
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Referee David McNamara has been banned for three weeks after he forgot his coin and asked two captains to play rock, paper, scissors to decide the kick-off.
Pakistan's unique landscape, culture and people keep photographer Andrea Francolini returning to the country, even inspiring him to help fund a local school.
From creator Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy) comes this new space adventure series that follows the crew of The Orville as they face the wonders and dangers of outer...
From the writer of iconic series Pride & Prejudice comes this exquisite new adaptation of Tolstoy’s literary masterpiece, starring Paul Dano and Gillian Anderson.
Something saucy this way comes… Liv Tyler joins the tenacious dames of two rival whorehouses in a new season of the surprisingly timely bodice ripper.
With Michael Shannon and Taylor Kitsch on rival sides of the law, Waco is gripping viewing no matter how well you know the Branch Davidian siege.
Melbourne's Italian community remembers Sisto Malaspina, an icon of the city who "expressed the soul of the community”.
New documentary hosted by Yumi Stynes premieres 4 December, 8.40pm on SBS Australia.
The wait is over. Vikings returns to complete its season, exclusively to SBS and SBS On Demand,
A five-year-old Indian boy gets lost on the streets of Calcutta, thousands of kilometres from home. He survives many challenges before being adopted by a couple...
Fast-paced, compelling and full of heart, the four-part drama On The Ropes debuts on SBS at 8.30pm on Wednesday 28 November.
Leaders in Indigenous health are calling on Australia’s peak ophthalmology training body to apologise to an Aboriginal doctor.
A war hero's daughter - who was born in Papua New Guinea - faces deportation and has gone into hiding.
A move to incorporate Indigenous culture into the science curriculum is defended.
The city council bought the landmark building in a $5.3 million deal and the exact use of the space is yet to be determined.
Supporters are encouraged to update their social media profiles to include the slogan 'we support the statement'.
Having left his home country of Taree over twenty years ago, a son decides to quit everything to go fishing with his father and reconnect with his culture,...
You still have time to binge The Handmaid's Tale second season at SBS On Demand.
Fast-tracked only hours after the US broadcast, Samantha Bee applies her sassy comedic stylings to the rule of President Donald Trump.
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Generations clash in Germany's answer to 'Mad Men', when the feisty daughter of a dance studio owner embraces rock' n' roll and the fight for gender equality.
Alia Shawkat stars in this dark comedy about five self-absorbed 20-somethings who become entangled in an ominous mystery when a former acquaintance disappears.