Benjamin Law on The Family Law

Benjamin Law, author of the memoir The Family Law, speaks out about his childhood, his family, and the series. 

Tragic love story to the max

Jenny's relationship with her ex-husband is a period of her life that she now refers to as a “tragic love story to the max”.

The Popularity Game

Given I was a scrawny, gangly Asian poof with an under-bite, it’s weird to look back on my primary school days to realise I was popular.
In my family, there’s nothing more restful than sitting around for a lovely meal, enjoying each other’s company, catching up on news, and discussing in searingly...
Benjamin Law discusses some of the weird moments in the strange world of developing a TV show based on your own family.
Some of my friends jokingly refer to the Sunshine Coast school I attended as “fame school”. It’s partly true.

The (real) Jenny Law advice column

The real Jenny Law answers all your personal questions as she shares comforting advice and her maternal wisdom. 

What tips does Jenny have to prepare for childbirth?
What tips does Jenny have for using up leftovers?
What tips does Jenny have for talking to children about sex?
What tips does Jenny have for raising gifted children?
What tips does Jenny have for keeping a household budget?
What tips does Jenny have for being a green thumb?
What tips does Jenny have for raising children to respect their culture’s traditional values?

The real Ben and Jenny give their take on the show

There's the rules, then there's the Laws

Based on the best-selling book by Benjamin Law, The Family Law is a drama-comedy series set on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast over one hot summer. 

Gettin’ Loose with the Truth

During the adaptation process Benjamin Law admits he decided to be loose with the truth. "In writing a comedy, we were aiming for emotional truths, not making a...

The Family Law: About the series

Welcome to The Family Law, the story of a sprawling Chinese-Australian family of seven who are unlike any you’ve ever met. And yet, they may also be disturbingly...

Welcome to the real Law family

When you meet someone new for the first time, courtesy usually dictates you’re supposed to break the ice by asking, “What do you do for a living?” It’s a fine,...
When people discover you’re writing a TV show inspired by your childhood, the most common question is: Who’s going to play you? It’s a fun question (my answer:...
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Family Christmases, with partners

When our eldest sister Candy got her first boyfriend, it was exciting and scandalous. It was an even bigger deal when she brought him over for Christmas.
After the premiere of 'The Family Law' we asked you to send in your best #FamilyCracker moments. We've picked 23 of the best ones for you to enjoy!

Watch behind the scenes clips and sneak peeks

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The Family Law - Book

Hilarious and moving, this is the book linked to the TV series.