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Two-part documentary series

The Logan Project charts the journey of the city's aspiring singers and musicians as they work together to create a new, positive narrative for their city. 


The Logan Project

Logan has had a reputation for doing it tough, but the melting-pot of over 200 ethnic groups is determined to turn things around. 

Logan, Queensland has had a reputation for doing it tough, with high unemployment and sensationalised reports of racial tensions between Aboriginal, Pacific Islander...
Race war on the evening news: that’s how Logan’s suburb Woodridge was introduced to most of Australia. Two years on, a pair of aspiring musicians speak about...

Meet the characters

The Logan Project celebrates the healing power of music to overcome adversity - for individuals and an entire city. Meet the characters from the inspiring...
How can the Australian anthem capture the nation's diversity?

Music in Logan

The residents of Logan have musical ties that span culture, education, and therapies.

Watching the light switch on in students’ heads is just one reason David Stuart became a teacher.
Crime, poverty and gangs: this dark trio of social circumstance can destroy lives. But in some cases, through the healing power of music, they can be redeemed.
Queensland’s Logan City caught national attention in 2013, when two families in the suburb of Woodridge got into a four-day fight. Media coverage of the incident...
Rehearsals for Logan’s community musical Under this Sky are gearing up. Over 700 performers of various cultural backgrounds, professions and ages are coming...
South-East Queensland's Logan City made history by presenting its largest ever community musical to the public over the weekend. The Queensland Music Festival...

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