A Middle East Feast

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Creamy rice embraces nuts, spices and sweet syrups in these breakfast and dessert favourites.
From fragrant rice bowls to vegan Turkish mince with hummus, bring the generous, full-flavoured joy of a Middle Eastern breakfast to your table.
Commonly mistaken for filo or puff pastry, brik is a Tunisian specialty that is enjoyed with different sweet and savoury fillings across the Middle East.
From comfort bakes to zesty salads, here are some of our favourite ways to use up a few flatbreads.
Award winning chef Shane Delia hosts A Middle East Feast, drawing upon a multitude of cultural influences to recreate Middle Eastern food traditions.
Fit for a feast, pull together these juicy, spicy chicken kebabs, homemade pits breads and fresh salad with a pomegranate molasses dressing and gather the clan.
Homemade hand pies filled with shredded haloumi cheese, baked and served warm for a delicious snack or party canape.
Pretty rings of homemade pastry filled with juicy dates, honey and orange blossom water, brushed with a tangy sugar syrup.
These flatbreads really bring together the best of Middle Eastern cooking, with a hint of sweetness from the honey and an aromatic array of spices like sumac,...
Turn your favourite bowl of hummus into a charcoal-scented treat with a few drops of liquid smoke. The hummus makes a great snack as-is but a mushroom topping...
Malabi is a sweet milk pudding that can be eaten plain but is often topped with a rose-scented fruit syrup. Ehud Malka takes his to the next level with...
This spicy fish stew has origins in the state of Libya with the name chraime deriving from the Arabic word for hot. 
Often touted as a healthy alternative to chocolate, carob is so much more. The earthy caramel flavours pair well with savoury food, much like chocolate in a...
M'hencha is a filo pastry snake, rolled with a rich almond, white chocolate and ginger filling, with a few drops of rosewater for fragrance. Dress with rose...
Knafeh is a beautiful and intriguing Middle Eastern dessert made with stringy kataifi pastry and filled with mozzarella cheese.
This Middle Eastern rice pudding is sweetened with a boozy anise liquor-flavoured sugar syrup and fresh strawberries atop.
Standing somewhere between ice-cream and frozen yoghurt, Shane likes to pair this frozen dessert with a slice of sweet, crispy m'hencha.

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