A Middle East Feast

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From comfort bakes to zesty salads, here are some of our favourite ways to use up a few flatbreads.
Everything that chef Moshe Ittah learnt about his Tunisian and Moroccan heritage began at the family dinner table in Israel, his country of birth.
From spicy muhammara to smoky baba ganoush, here are nine delicious Middle Eastern dips to add to your next mezze.
Crunchy, soft, baked, fried, meaty, vegan: this Middle Eastern staple is at home on any plate.
From a herby za'atar bread to golden haloumi-filled cheese pies and much more, discover the versatile dough that will fill your kitchen with the smells of a...
A typical Levantine cheese, shanklish is shaped into balls then rolled in spices and pepper, usually za'atar. Here is it crumbed and served with tomato, onion and...
The beetroot give this whole pickled a beautiful purple hue. Be sure to start a week before you plan to serve this, as a rush job won't do.
Tarator is a Middle Eastern dip made with almond meal, tahini and garlic dip that is perfect as part of a spread or share plate.
Linda Jones prepares these classic Lebanese lemon and garlic chicken wings by slowly baking until sticky and charred. The perfect snack or crowd-pleaser.
Make these prawn skewers the centrepiece of a big Middle Eastern BBQ spread. Sitting atop a bed of smoky baba ganoush, the prawns are covered with a Turkish bread...
Leave the mayonnaise in the fridge, this potato salad takes coal-roasted spuds, dresses them in walnuts, spices and lemon juice and tops them with charred spring...
These mini 'open' toasts bring the best of the Mediterranean diet, with capers, anchovy and olives, finished with a peppery Maltese cheese.
Kibbeh are a popular Middle Eastern snack, made with soaked bulghur grain, lamb mince and, of course, a healthy dose of spices. Perfect with a pinch of salt to...
Adana kebabs are long, thin skewers of lamb mince barbecued with spices and served with grilled veggies and fresh lemon.
White figs have a very sweet flavour, more so than their more mellow siblings, lending this dish a warm, comforting flavour with melt-in-the-mouth lamb.
A mix of yoghurt, saffron, coriander, pine nuts and rice, Persian smoked rice is incredibly simple, and makes the perfect side.
This is a wonderfully refreshing salad dressed with apple cider vinegar, mint, verjuice and lemon for a light side or starter.

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