Dine with Diana and friends

Asia Unplated is back for it's second season celebrating a whole slate of Asian cuisines with easy, vibrant recipes.

While Vietnamese food is considered ‘street food’ to many Australians, it’s home food to so many others.
Love a bit of spice? These recipes - from a mild tickle to "oh oh oh my mouth is on fire" - are sure to warm you up.
"People have changed their perception of Thai food for the better. There is so much nuance to Thai food, it's not just food that's as hot as it can be."
You may think you already practise tadka when you stir fry garlic or onion in oil before you add other ingredients to your pan, but tadka isn't just about tossing...
Asia Unplated follows Diana Chan as she explores the fresh, aromatic flavours of Asia.

Asia Unplated Season 1

Watch Diana Chan's Asian food crawl around Australia and eat ours with your eyes by reading 'Five to try'.

Join Diana Chan as she unpacks the flavours of Asia, from North Indian korma to Korean kimchi and everything in between.
From sweet frozen banana-coconut ice cream to decadent grilled pork neck, there's something for everyone in Vietnam.
The cosmopolitan city is the top destination for Cantonese cuisine, but its culinary repertoire goes way beyond that.
Asia Unplated host Diana Chan picks five dishes you can’t miss when visiting her home country.
There's a rich history to the food of northern Indian - plus of course, butter chicken.
These chewy little steamed rice cakes are a special snack in Vietnam's city of Huế as it's where they originated. Nowadays they're a popular street food enjoyed...
The pastry 'lace' of these spring rolls creates a crisp and intriguing texture against the fragrant pork mince and plump, soft prawn filling. 
This specialty dish of Hanoi is a satisfying combination of grilled pork belly and pork mince patties served with an abundance of fresh herbs and a punchy...
Massaman curry brings together an incredible blend of Indian and Thai flavours. It's complex and deep, yet mild in spice, and is a favourite around the world. 
This fresh and fragrant salad makes an ideal summer starter, or a light meal paired with steamed rice. The homemade dressings add an enchanting punch of flavours.
These chargrilled beef skewers are perfect for a quick dinner. The balance of sweet, salty, smoky and sour is all soaked up by roasted rice powder (khao khua).
These tender and flavourful prawns will win hearts.
Chickpea flour gives these onion bhaji a crisp, earthy edge. They're great served as a snack, or an entree, with a cooling yoghurt dipping sauce. 
This comforting, aromatic dal will stand alone as a main dish – or you can add it to your next curry spread.  
These decorative little wraps are just as much suited for a light solo meal as they are a snack for entertaining.  
These aromatic Thai sausages come with a sauce punchy enough to keep them in line. 
Skewers of pork or chicken mince might be more widely known, but these skewers wrapped with freshly cooked rice are just as soft and smoky-flavoured.