Australia's Food Bowl

Stefano de Pieri showcases producers of the Murray-Darling River Basin.

Stefano de Pieri embodies what it means to be Italian and has been sharing his family's food philosophy with Australia for over 25 years.
Discover the flavours, colours, and characters of Australia’s Food Bowl with Stefano de Pieri.
Diyana Gundor sells food in Wagga Wagga that's inspired by her Yazidi culture, including a meat pie her family eats during New Year celebrations.
Your backyard fruits are likely the perfect ingredients for this simple summer wine.
The GoodFish app and website promise to help reduce our impact on our oceans by encouraging more sustainable fish sources.
Bullhorn capsicums, sometimes called bullhorn chillies or bullhorn peppers, are a long, sweet variety of capsicum with little to no heat. If you can’t find them,...
Taleggio cheese, named after the alpine valley of Lombardy, Val Taleggio, is a semisoft washed rind cheese with a smooth, sticky texture and slight funk.
Fish, grilled either plain or wrapped in banana leaves, over charcoal is very popular throughout Indonesia and every region has its own variation.
Whitney and Tamara cook a Murray cod for Stefano using local bark Here the bark is soaked and placed over coals to smoked a whole cod, stuffed with aromatics.
Stefano celebrates pomegranate, balancing sweet arils with the bitterness of radicchio for this simple side salad.
This dish can be found all over Italy with many variations. Here Stefano takes advantage of the sweetness of dates and dried mandarin peel for a floral finish.
This thick, Tuscan bread soup is a delicious way to use a loaf of stale bread. It’s also an economical dish to make in bulk for feeding large amounts of guests.
Grilling fruit is an underrated technique. Here a quick lick of heat helps bring out its sweet flavours, balanced by the salty feta and floral pepper to make a...
This dish is a great example of Italian cooking philosophy. Just a few simple, good-quality ingredients can create something truly unforgettable.
Using potatoes from Mallee grower Peter Corcoran, Stefano cooks a mild Indian-inspired fish and potato curry that highlights the spud. You can use any firm...
Baccala is a salted, dried cod which can be stored for long periods of time. It must be soaked in water at least 24 hours ahead to hydrate the fish and remove...