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Cook like Silvia Colloca alongside her brand-new series on SBS Food (Ch33).

Fresh, homemade bread loaves are easier than you think, all you have to invest is time.
Master the art of weeknight wins with these quick Italian dishes that don't sacrifice flavour.
These crunchy golden loops are the ideal savoury snack or antipasto plate addition.
Eating ricotta calda feels like a hug from a Sicilian nonna, but you have to head straight to the source to try it.
Food writer and passionate home cook Silvia Colloca feels most Italian when she is in her kitchen.


Silvia Colloca shares her family one pot pasta recipe which is full of Mediterranean flavour and a breeze to cook (and clean up).
The tomatoes are roasted before having the pasta mixed through to bring through the juices and add an exceptional flavour.
For this recipe you don’t need to preheat the oven. Once you put the pot in, you turn the oven on to full heat and let the delightful smell fill your home.
Sicilian pesto is made with tomato as well as basil, giving it a light red colour. Here we add ricotta to give it a creamy texture and a lighter flavour.
You can practically taste the Italian grandmotherly love in these gluten-free almond biscuits. Be sure to share them with the passion any good nonna would.
Bring together this cheat's risotto with fresh pippies cooked in white wine, and cherry tomatoes. 
For this Italian treat, a panettone is filled with ricotta, cream and chocolate then chilled and covered in more chocolate for an addictive, decadent dessert.
Put some time aside and make both the pasta and the rich ragu from scratch. It's a bit of work, but it's also well worth it.
Add these twist-shaped crackers to your cheeseboard or just snack away!
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Amatriciana is a pasta sauce is made with guanciale and pecorino cheese, with white wine and tomato added, originating from the town of Amatrice. Bucatini...
In Apulia, on the heel of Italy's boot, the seas provide the incredible seafood and the locals transform it into masterpieces such as this one-tray mussel bake....