Food Safari Water

Airs 8pm, Wednesday nights on SBS. Explores sea vegetables, seafood and all that comes from water with Maeve O'Meara.

From rice-stuffed mussels and barbecued octopus to dips and mini spanakopitas, dial up the fun with a little mezze magic.
Chef Chris Weysham talks gumbo battles and po' boy history.
This is how you transport a fish laksa to a dinner party, bring a tray of scallops to cocktails or get to munch on a prawn baguette at a picnic.

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Airs 8pm, Wednesdays on SBS. Dive into Food Safari Water - the next delicious helping of Food Safari Elements, exploring the bounty of the water.
Raising the umami bar are the seaweeds and sea vegetables you didn't know you needed in your life.

Food Safari Earth

All your favourite recipes from Food Safari Earth's vibrant bounty is right here.

Vegetables have a sexy side! Food Safari returns with a brand-new series that explores the endless possibilities of fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and more. ...
Cauliflower is so hot right now. This recipe has you dipping and drizzling it with tarator - it's like the Lebanese version of mayo.
The vegetarian dishes of China's cuisine aren't often given much spotlight, but this crispy eggplant will have everyone pushing aside the sweet and sour pork.
Hailing from Sicily, garganelli alla Norma will make your pasta nights interesting again, combining eggplant and a creamy ricotta salata topping.
Dial up your love of cake and spice with this family favourite that calls on preserved pumpkin and lime zest to seal the deal.

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Andrew McConnell makes his own oyster sauce using freshly shucked oysters and squid ink to create a perfect balance of salty, sweet, sour and umami. Paired with...
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Use a seasoned hard wood for the fire, preferably apple wood. Food Safari Water
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Originating in the old quarters of Hanoi in the 1890’s, this dish became so popular that it has its own street named after it. Fish, turmeric and fresh dill...
The secret behind a good whitebait fritter is all in the whitebait and all it needs is a little egg to hold it all together. Food Safari Water
Never put oil and water with your octopus, is Thomas Deliopoulos's rule. Whether you choose to serve your octopus char-grilled or preserved, don't forget...
Bacalao is a salted and dried cod that is often sold in large fillets. It's probably the only dish Frank Camorra doesn't put any salt in (don't worry, the cod...
Translating to “eating many things in one bite”, miang kham embodies the delicious flavours of Northern Thailand. Topped with coconut-smoked fish, these betel...
This is a traditional Fijian seafood dish served as part of a shared meal though delicious by itself or with some steamed rice. It is similar to a “ceviche” where...
Kibbeh nayeh is typically made of raw lamb or beef mince but this version combines Japanese & Lebanese tastes by using salmon. If you wish to make this...
Part sashimi, part carpaccio, this dish is exactly what the title says - a raw celebration of the red emperor snapper. Food Safari Water
The kelp adds a subtle umami note that brings out the sweetness of the mackerel. Food Safari Water
Jacques recommends buying whole fish, then gently scaling, trimming and gutting them at home. Food Safari Water

Food Safari recipes

Rosewater is popular in Middle Eastern cooking, and the star of Turkish delight. This recipe for Afghan sweets also includes walnuts and pistachios.
This recipe for the Afghan version of chicken korma is so simple. It’s a dish filled with delicious spices, creamy yoghurt and chana dal, which has a low...
Served in the centre of the table, this dish is a complete meal and needs little else but bread and a good appetite.
Chana dal is a type of pulse, related to the chickpea. Chana dal has a very low glycaemic index so it makes a good addition to the diabetic diet. This recipe for...

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