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Tune in 8pm on Thursdays as Food Safari kicks back into delicious gear! Get ready to jump on the vibrant bounty that is Food Safari Earth. #FoodSafari

Vegetables have a sexy side! Food Safari returns with a brand-new series that explores the endless possibilities of fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and more. Food...
Steam them, grill them, put them in a burger - mushies could well be the most versatile vegetable to cook with. And, obviously, they're delicious.
Who wants full-proof gnocchi? These easy tips will have you confidently strutting your soft potatoey pillows all over the place.
Sweet, sour and spicy, this is a simple Sri Lankan curry that treats the mango more like a vegetable. 
Fragrant puddings, colourful cakes and creamy concoctions, southeast Asia's answer to the vanilla bean comes in the form of pandan and we double dare you to give...

Bring the world to your kitchen

Follow Maeve on her journey to uncover the delectable recipes and stories from chefs and home cook heroes from all cultures and backgrounds.

They've built a restaurant empire from scratch – now they’re redefining paddock-to-plate dining with 30 types of eggplant and more types of basil than you can count.
How does a French-born former press photographer wind up in far-north Queensland managing the post-harvest for a well-known chocolate company?
Melbourne's dessert hero, Kathy Tsaples, divulges a few secrets behind her cooking (figs and octopus, to name two), gushes about her favourite desserts, and...
Injera is the heart of east African food and the Ethiopian immigrant baker is bringing a slice of his homeland to Melbourne.
Silken, or extra firm, scrambled or fried – there’s almost no end to the ways this protein can be enjoyed. But what about making it from scratch at home?

In your Food Safari element

A gnocchi dish that is light, pillowy and rich with earthy gold? Count us in.
The gingerbread by itself is heaven but combined with the crimson glossy pears is guaranteed to make you and your guests weak at the knees.
An ode to flavour, these light fritters are a game changer and are worth fighting over. 
From the crunchy shell to the spiced stuffing, this vegetarian version of kibbeh is one to have in your repertoire and enjoyed all year round. 
Easy and fresh, this spicy guacamole dip and homemade chips are perfect to serve at a summer BBQ.
A wholesome and hearty noodle bowl of egg, tofu, broccoli and garlic, welcome to the healthy side of Thai cooking.
Forget custard powder. Packing a beautiful vibrant green, this Thai dessert is so easy. 
An earthy turmeric leaf cake filled with coconut, rice, jaggery and cardamom, commonly found on Indian's west coast.
Sweet, sour and spicy, this is a simple Sri Lankan curry that treats the mango more like a vegetable. 
Rice, tomato and herb gets a great big hug from silverbeet to create a wholesome and satisfying snacking sensation.
Got a crowd coming over? These vegan dumplings are the ideal entertaining food. 
This fig-leaf wrapped parcel is screaming for a cheese platter. 

Food Safari recipes

Rosewater is popular in Middle Eastern cooking, and the star of Turkish delight. This recipe for Afghan sweets also includes walnuts and pistachios.
This recipe for the Afghan version of chicken korma is so simple. It’s a dish filled with delicious spices, creamy yoghurt and chana dal, which has a low...
Served in the centre of the table, this dish is a complete meal and needs little else but bread and a good appetite.
Chana dal is a type of pulse, related to the chickpea. Chana dal has a very low glycaemic index so it makes a good addition to the diabetic diet. This recipe for...