Mind the gap

Luke Nguyen returns to Vietnam to film a brand-new series following the tracks of the Reunification Express, a line that runs the length of the country.

Skip the city and spend an afternoon in Melbourne’s east enjoying banh mi, chips with red curry aioli and a killer bánh xèo.
In this 10-part series, Luke visits ten locations from the spectacular coastline of Hoi An to the majestic mountains of Sapa, all by train.
Luke uses fresh ingredients bought from the Old Markets to create a dish that gets everyone involved as each person rolls their own rice paper roll.
With Luke Nguyen as your guide - find out how to spend 2 days in Ho Chi Minh City in style.
Mi sui cao is very similar to a dumpling or wonton. Luke learns from the Great Aunties about the secret recipe and style techniques.
Luke cooks a healthy snakehead fish dish. Substitute with any firm white freshwater fish such as tilapia or perch.
Hue is famous for its spicy beef noodle soup, known to the locals as 'bun bo Hue'. This recipe will make more broth than you need but any excess can be stored for...
Luke visits Con Hen Village where they specialise in the technique of swirling and de-shelling baby clams, a skill that goes back hundreds of years.
A dish authentic to Da Nang, the noodles are tinted with turmeric and combined with chicken and all the goodness of fresh herbs.
Luke finds inspiration at one of the local beachside restaurants to create a fragrant stingray dish.
Luke cooks up freshly caught succulent shrimp, on the beach while locals look on.
Luke cooks with a husband and wife team to help cook their famous dish at the couples' eatery located at the Cam Le Market.
The beautiful edible flowers in this dish are the specialty of the Central Highlands of Vietnam.
In almost every corner of Hoi An you can see vendors selling chicken rice. The most common style of chicken rice is torn with your fingers, as Luke does with his...
Cau lao noodles are unique and special to Hoi An and are heavily influenced by the Japanese who came to the city trading the noodle in the 1700's. It looks like...
For this dish Luke visited a barramundi farm where the fish are fed soy meal making it sustainable.
One of Luke's favourite dishes! He adores the sea urchin, the flavour is buttery and creamy in texture and sweet to taste.