Shane Delia's Recipe For Life

Unravel the layers and follow the busy Melbourne life and food aspirations of celebrity chef and family man, Shane Delia. #RecipeForLife 8pm, Thursdays on SBS. 

Small-scale milk producers like Saint David Dairy in Melbourne are changing the way we experience and appreciate our milk.

Shane Delia's Recipe For Life

You may know him as the Spice Journey travel extraordinaire, but now we unravel the layers and follow the busy Melbourne life and food aspirations of celebrity...
Food that’s good for you - and good for the planet - must cost a fortune, right? Not necessarily.
Family and food - is there anything more powerful?
SBS Food lovers and Shane Delia fans rejoice - enter now and you could win a delicious getaway for four people to Maha restaurant in Melbourne. #RecipeForLife

A taster from the new series

The secret to Shane Delia's fried chicken is that sweet paprika coating. With a barbecued corn salad, this dish is where the texture, sweetness and smoky crunch...
A dessert that embodies the whole truffle story and takes that pungent earthy smell to a sexy place - enter Melbourne's Darren Purchese, who is about to come up...
A Maltese favourite and full of flavour, this is a beautiful slow-cooked stew that sees your meat falling off the bone. #RecipeForLife
A family roast lunch - nothing beats that as Shane Delia cooks this wholesome duck recipe with his young daughter Jayda. #RecipeForLife
The secret to these vegetarian fritters is all in the supreme beer batter. #RecipeForLife