Special Online Investigation

The Gay Hate Decades
30 Unsolved Deaths

An exclusive SBS investigation exposes serious flaws in the current police review of potential gay-hate murders among a list of 30 unsolved deaths.  

True Stories Season 3

Inspired by the SBS network event Deep Water, series three of this SBS podcast unearths gripping true crime stories and a buried chapter of Australia’s recent history. 

David “John” Saint was murdered in 1991. From day one, police said publicly that robbery was the motive, but this didn’t sit well with the gay community.
There is a way you can take a gay murder and make it not a gay murder.
Examining the significant role of gay 'beats' for men seeking male sexual partners - and how they soon became the target of a series of menacing attacks
The plot thickens in episode two of True Stories as the police become suspects too.
Listed as iTunes Best Podcasts of 2015, True Stories returns with a true crime story: a five-part investigation into the untold stories of Adelaide's gay-hate...