The past isn't done with us yet...

A bold genre-bending thriller is set to premiere on SBS. 

Take a tour of the Melbourne haunts within our new supernatural drama.
According to Vietnamese folklore, in the seventh month of the lunar calendar, the gates of Hell will open to allow ghosts and spirits to roam the earth.
Catherine Văn-Davies leads the ensemble cast of new SBS drama series 'Hungry Ghosts'. Starts Monday 24 August on SBS and On Demand.
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Catherine Văn-Davies and Bryan Brown lead an ensemble cast in the four-part SBS original supernatural drama series ‘Hungry Ghosts’.

Meet the stars of 'Hungry Ghosts'

Stars of the drama give us insights into their characters, and themselves. 

Playing Diane in 'Hungry Ghosts' meant looking back on Vietnam War trauma and the contents of a school lunchbox.
"For every screen moment that documents our pain, let there be two more that are passionate and fun."