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Do you have what it takes to be Australia's next Mastermind? We're looking for contenders to brave the black chair. 

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Mastermind | 6pm Weeknights on SBS Australia

Jennifer Byrne puts four contenders to the test in Australia’s toughest quiz show.

Braving the black chair

No matter who takes the iconic chair in the spotlight, the tension is always immense.

Some of our top scoring runners-up step into the spotlight again for their second chance to take on the famous black chair.
Knowledge is power… especially knowledge of how the team puts together questions.
From banned special subjects to that black chair, this is everything you need to know about the iconic quiz show.
SBS’s new quiz show continues a 47-year tradition of tense moments, obscure special subjects and THAT black chair.
Jennifer Byrne can barely contain her excitement at taking the 'Mastermind' helm.
Many have tackled the iconic quiz show over the years.
The legendary game show is returning to our screens and here's your chance to have a ringside seat.
Join the studio audience of 'Mastermind'

Take a ringside seat as Quizmaster Jennifer Byrne tests contenders about their specialist subjects.