Braving the black chair

No matter who takes the iconic chair in the spotlight, the tension is always immense.

From chef Mark Olive to red Wiggle Murray Cook and theatre star Prinnie Stevens, the 16 celebrities will be facing some hard questions as Australia's toughest quiz...
Season 3 of Australia’s toughest game show premieres Monday 22 February at 6pm, airing weeknights on SBS.
We started and now it's time to finish! It's finals week on Mastermind.
SBS’s new quiz show continues a 47-year tradition of tense moments, obscure special subjects and THAT black chair.
From banned special subjects to that black chair, this is everything you need to know about the iconic quiz show.
Many have tackled the iconic quiz show over the years.
Wanna be a contender? You gotta know the rules of the game.