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The revelatory See What You Made Me Do explores an epidemic that is showing no signs of slowing down. World premiere 5 May on SBS and On Demand. 

Investigative journalist Jess Hill hosts this landmark three-part series, during Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month. Premieres Wednesday 5 May on SBS and On...
To support the issues raised in See What You Made Me Do, SBS offers a range of programming and online content to build greater understanding of domestic abuse.
Essential services and resources

A list of essential support services, and a list of organisations working on the frontline to address the national crisis of domestic abuse. 

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"I didn't want my partner to talk back to me, and when she did, I would get more angry." – "Harry"
Gaslighters excel at manipulation, making it more difficult for victims to get help.
Gaslighting relies on lying, deceit, manipulation, which are couched in benevolent terms.
As technology continues to evolve, new ways to violate consent continue to emerge.
"Once, he tried to throw (our dog) through an open door but she hit the glass. I’d be screaming on the inside.”

Stories of hope

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SBS On Demand is featuring British documentary 'The Abused' and 30-minute film 'How to Leave an Abusive Relationship'.
For people who have experienced emotional abuse in their romantic relationships, arguing can feel fraught with danger.
My Australia: After experiencing abuse during her childhood, Daizy Maan decided to go it alone. She now runs a unique wellness space for South Asian women in...