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The Family Law is back for a second season, as funny and honest as ever.

The Family Law is back for a second season, as funny and honest as ever - and it's now available to watch in Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean.
Feisty with her words, fearless with her love — there’s no one quite like Jenny Law.
A new woman has entered Danny Law's life - Ming-Zhu. Series creator Benjamin Law interviewed new cast member Jing-Xuan Chan.
After working on some of the world's biggest shows, Fiona Choi was excited to return home to Australia for the role of her career.
From his own struggles speaking Cantonese to the future of the series, creator Ben Law reveals all to SBS Guide during a set visit for the second series of The...
The brand new second series of The Family Law returns to SBS from Thursday, 15 June at 8.30pm.

Embracing the family with Benjamin Law

Series creator Benjamin Law takes us deep inside the making of the series.

Creator of The Family Law, Benjamin Law, previews the upcoming second series of the show.

Other funny Asians

'The Family Law' isn't the only hilarious comedy created by and starring Asians.
When you are writing a fictionalised version of yourself with the same name, it's natural there would be some confusion from others on just how much fiction there...
Mainstream audiences watch animated movies about fish, so is on-screen ethnic diversity really too confronting for viewers to embrace?
The Family Law is based on a memoir written by series creator Benjamin Law. Believe it or not, most of this stuff is (mostly) real.

The (real) Jenny Law advice column

The REAL Jenny Law (Tammy Law) dispenses her wisdom to those in need - Tweet questions with the hashtag #TheFamilyLawSBS

Here's Jenny's tips on how to raise a two-year-old boy without turning him into a jerk.
The real Jenny taps into her parental expertise to suggest how one reader should tell his mother his sexual orientation (hint: not via text message).
The post-divorce dating game is a minefield, says the 'real' Jenny. Take it slow or you could end up with a dependent old man, a psycho or even an STD.
Here's how the 'real' Jenny would deal with a cheating boyfriend: break up with him ASAP and hope his mother cuts him out of the will.
What tips does Jenny have for mothers-to-be?