Different to anything you've seen before

A missing $16 million necklace is just part of the action.  

There's more than just a missing $16 million necklace at stake in this heist drama that delves into friendships and secrets. Starts June 3 on SBS and SBS On Demand.
Get to know Michelle Vergara Moore and Susana Downes, two of the Filipino leads in this new four-part series.
In directing one of the four episodes of heist caper ‘The Unusual Suspects’, Melvin Montalban makes his TV directorial debut.
This new series has 'the right Filipino heart', says the actress, who plays one of the women caught up in the heist drama.
The real-life couple play an onscreen couple in this fast-paced, quirky drama.

A talented team

Meet the cast and crew of this fast-moving heist drama

The star of 'The Unusual Suspects' discusses representing Filipino culture and performing opposite her husband.
‘The Unusual Suspects’, spearheaded by a powerhouse trio of women, starts June 3 on SBS and SBS On Demand.
Get to know Aina Dumlao and Lena Cruz, two of the Filipino leads in SBS' new four-part whodunnit series 'The Unusual Suspects'.
Filipino-Australian actress and ‘The Unusual Suspects’ star Michelle Vergara Moore talks about her brand-new series, the importance of food and family and chicken...
The actress describes filming the series as the best three months of her life.

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