This series reveals what Australia thinks about disability, obesity and old age through emotional personal stories, confronting social experiments and a nationwide survey.

Age in the spotlight

Taking a closer look at how we think about ageing and older people. 

A survey commissioned by SBS as part of new documentary series 'What does Australia really think about ...' has found age discrimination is rife in Australia.
The latest episode of ‘What Does Australia Really Think About…’ explores our nation’s misconceptions about its older generation.
Key findings from a national survey that delved into what Australians think about being older.
When Kate decided to make a sea change at the age of 60, she thought there would be no shortage of work for her. But she claims age discrimination is alive and...
From workplace discrimination to negative stereotypes of older Australians as incompetent and feeble, age discrimination is rife across the nation.
I didn’t realise that learning to do things like grow my own food, preserve it and cook from first principles would hold me in such good stead for a pandemic.
We need to foster a society that sees the value in all stages of life.

A deeper look at disability

Stories of challenges and achievements. 

Key findings from a national survey on attitudes to disabilty.
While progress is being made, there’s more work to be done in representing people with disability, in front of and behind the camera.
"Now I can finally say I’ve got true friends and I’m in love. I’ve waited so long for that."
"The spoon symbolises our shared yet diverse lived experiences, our undeniable resilience, and our determination to be understood," writes artist and author Chloe...
South Australian dance company embraces the unique qualities of performers with and without disability.

Attitudes to obesity

The third episode of 'What Does Australia Really Think About ...' looks at obesity. 

Obesity is the last bastion of acceptable discrimination, says Donovan: "because it's not seen as a disease - it's still seen as your fault that you're fat."
Key findings from a national survey on attitudes to obesity.
Australians are getting fatter. And experts say diets just don’t work in the long term. But should we be looking at this debate differently? And are people...
"It became a kind of exposure therapy, to encourage me to get used to myself, double chin and all. I found I didn’t need any hacks, because I liked my look just...

National conversations

Powerful documentaries and discussions, from across SBS, NITV and SBS On Demand. 

This new documentary series hosted by Kurt Fearnley, Noni Hazlehurst and Casey Donovan premieres 18 August, 8.30pm on SBS.
Australia's leading forum for ideas tackles topics that touch on lives across Australia, from health and happiness to the events that change lives forever.
A bold, revelatory and inspiring documentary that puts a spotlight on Australia’s addiction crisis in the most powerful and deeply personal way, streaming now at...
This powerful three-part series confronts our somestic violence crisis. Streaming now at SBS On Demand.

'The Whole Table'

A ground-breaking all Indigenous panel show, exploring a range of issues that impact Indigenous people both here in Australia and abroad.