Who Do You Think You Are | Tuesdays on SBS

Scott Cam, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, Casey Donovan, Marta Dusseldorp, Kurt Fearnley, Rodger Corser, Jennifer Byrne and Kerri-Anne Kennerley join Who Do You Think You Are?

The foundation of who we are

Discovering the unknown ancestry of well-known Australian personalities, and in turn the multicultural identity that continues to define Australia.

The new season of this landmark series is an intimate journey into the lives of some of Australia's favourite personalities.
From Swiss rivers to Glasgow doctors, a steady stream of good will flow from A Place To Call Home star Marta Dusseldorp’s foremothers.
From Mafia links and a disastrous voyage to prize-winning horses, Scott Cam had no idea of his family’s incredible history.
Genealogy hacks can help you break through brick walls and uncover your family history.
Genetics can tell us many things, some of which we may not be prepared for.
There's been quite a few celebrity skeletons in the closet that have been unearthed thanks to 'Who Do You Think You Are' over the past seven seasons. See some of...
Retracing the celebrities who uncovered some serious skeletons in their family's closets.