Season preview
Real stories, real impact.

In an Australian television first, SBS cameras were granted privileged access to observe the lives of 13 migrants and their families as they make a case to settle in Australia. 

The people behind the headlines

The road to permanent residency is long, complex and challenging.

This four-part documentary series following the journey of those applying for permanent residence premieres 1 July on SBS.
Exclusive: After years living on Sydney’s northern beaches, Jason and Anita Lund were told their family was not eligible for permanent residency because one of...
It took hard work, planning and faith for Kaumil Patel to achieve his dream.
Every three minutes, someone gains permanent residency in Australia. But every year, more than 40,000 people are rejected.
We finally had a home we could adopt as our own. A home that would allow us to escape the horrors of the past.

A place to call home

Australia offers new hope to many migrants.

"As a refugee I have nothing to lose and I’m really grateful for that, to have this opportunity to be here and experience a nice freedom."
Refugees who have fled war and violence and made Australia home tell us why there is no place to return to.
The Rohingya, says one man, is "the most unwated community in the world".
I remember looking at my bedroom wall. It still had bullet holes from that last winter in 1987, when one night like many others, the military had been firing...

Rich contributions

Migrants bring much to share in their new country. 

Terrified of what a post-pandemic tomorrow will bring? Dilvin Yasa speaks with those who understand fear-based coping strategies better than most.
Welcome Merchant helps refugee-led eateries and food companies gain a following – from Palestinian knafeh bakers to Persian jam makers.