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SBS Radio is a cornerstone of Australia's multicultural story. The world's most linguistically diverse media entity, SBS Radio is many things to many people: news, information, entertainment, education.

SBS Radio started in Sydney and Melbourne in 1975 as two AM stations transmitting important information about government services.

Today, SBS Radio is a bridge linking to the 4+ million Australians who speak a language other than English.

With diverse cultural and community views, SBS Radio broadcasts 24 hours a day across eight channels; 74 language programs are broadcast each week, including SBS World News and Living Black Radio; as well as four music channels - SBS PopAsia, SBS PopDesi, SBS PopAraby and SBS Chill. SBS Radio produces 334 unique hours of programming each week, with correspondents across the globe.

SBS broadcasts on analogue networks to all capital cities and regional centres of Australia, and on a digital network to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. It brings you news, current affairs, music, sport and talk in your language, at times that suit you.

Analogue Radio

SBS Radio broadcasts two services in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Wollongong and a national service around Australia, including Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart and Perth and major regional centres'.

Take a look at the analogue radio schedule.

Digital Radio

As well as our analogue services, SBS broadcasts on eight digital radio channels, providing a simulcast and timeshift of all language programs on three stations: SBS Radio 1, SBS Radio 2 and SBS Radio 3, and special event broadcasting on SBS Radio 4 (Eurovision, football, etc.), plus the BBC World Service in English.

Our time-shifted service enables you to tune in if you've missed your program on our other services, or to listen at a time that is more convenient.

Take a look at the digital radio schedule.


Different language programs are broadcast on SBS Radio throughout the day. Larger communities have more broadcast hours per week, with the largest communities having either one or two-hour programs daily. The number of broadcasting hours is determined by many factors, including the size of the language community, its proficiency in English, and its proportion of new arrivals.


Tune into SBS Radio for quality news and current affairs, sports coverage, interviews, talkback, documentaries, drama and music as well as information about settlement, employment, health and education services.  See what SBS Radio has on offer in your language.

Don't miss a thing!

SBS Radio Online lets you listen to programs you've missed through on-demand audio streaming and podcasts of all of our 74 language programs, making it the most extensive multilingual internet audio service in the world.  

Bigger picture

SBS Radio is indispensable in meeting the settlement, information and communication needs of Australians of non-English-speaking backgrounds. It provides cross-cultural links and information lifelines to Australia's diverse cultural groups, assisting their adjustment to Australian life and their full participation in it, while helping maintain their cultural identity.


There's more than one way to hear SBS - click here to find out whether radio, digital radio, online or digital TV is your best option.  

SBS Self Help Retransmission Subsidy Scheme

The SBS Self Help Retransmission Subsidy Scheme provides funding assistance for local retransmission facilities in small communities that do not currently have access to SBS television or radio programs. See our transmissions page for further information.

A lifeline for new migrants, renowned for high-quality journalism, trusted for up-to-date information from around the world, and loved for conversation and music in many languages:  SBS Radio is many things to many people, bringing you more in your language.

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