An inclusive workplace

Source: SBS

At SBS, we are incredibly diverse. But diversity unharnessed is just a collection of people who are different. Diversity harnessed delivers inclusion, and when we are all included, we all benefit.

SBS Inclusion Strategy

SBS launched its current three-year Inclusion Strategy in July 2018 to work towards our goal of being a best-in-class inclusive employer with a focus on providing employment programs, employee-led policies and practices that drive greater inclusion in the workplace.  

SBS continues to build on and further strengthen its Inclusion Strategy to improve representation of people from diverse backgrounds at all levels of the organisation, and ensure SBS's organisational processes and procedures do not present barriers to inclusion. 

The Inclusion Strategy sets out SBS’s approach over the three-year period (2018-21) and is supported by an annual inclusion plan which outlines the specific actions and areas of focus for the year in delivering the strategy. Read SBS's 2020-21 Inclusion Plan here.  

SBS is committed to transparency around its activities and performance and being accountable for delivering on its commitmentsProgress against actions and plans are shared with all SBS employees, and SBS also publishes regular updates on this website, in addition to its annual report.  


Employee Advisory Groups

At the core of SBS’s Inclusion Strategy are our Employee Advisory Groups (EAG), empowering our people to take an active role in fostering an inclusive culture for all 

Current groups include:  

SBS also has an employee committee responsible for development and oversight of the SBS Reconciliation Plan.  

Each group works with external experts to inform their strategies and approach, and come together every six weeks, in a meeting chaired by the SBS Managing Director, known as the SBS Inclusion Council. Each EAG, along with the Reconciliation Action Plan committee, shares updates on activities, contributes proposals for the development and delivery of the Inclusion Strategy, and the outcomes from this meeting are shared with all SBS employees.  

SBS Inclusion Strategy framework

Fundamental to the EAG model, and our commitment to inclusion, are principles which ensure that intersectional perspectives are included in internal events, initiatives and activities, that the groups themselves are diverse and that any employee, regardless of background or identity, may participate fully.


Indigenous Employment and the SBS Reconciliation Action Plan

SBS launched our first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in 2008, demonstrating our commitment to supporting national efforts to close the gap and increase understanding between our nation’s First Peoples and the wider Australian community. It provides us with a plan setting clear and measurable goals and targets for us to achieve including strengthening recruitment and retention of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees  

Guided by our RAPSBS is committed to supporting greater representation and inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across our workforce through a range of actions and initiatives. These include 

  • Partnering with Indigenous-owned and operated organisation, BlackCard, to deliver cultural capability training for all SBS employees 
  • Partnering with CareerTrackers, an organisation that pairs Indigenous university students with organisations for paid summer internships over the course of their study, to provide placements throughout the organisation. In 2020 SBS has committed to seven paid Indigenous intern placements. 
  • At least one identified position for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander journalists in the SBS News and Current Affairs Cadetship Program each year.   
  • In 2020 SBS also made a commitment to engage an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Elder in residence to strengthen our organisation with their cultural knowledge and experience. 

SBS is currently developing its fifth Reconciliation Action Plan. Read more here