The SBS Community Advisory Committee (Committee) is established under section 50 of the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) Act 1991. The function of the Committee as specified under the Act is to assist the SBS Board to fulfil its duty to be aware of and responsive to, community needs and opinions, by advising the Board on community matters relevant to the SBS Charter. Visit our Community Advisory Committee page for more information.

SBS is Australia's multicultural and Indigenous broadcaster. SBS Learn forms part of the wider SBS Outreach program which aims to extend the reach and impact of SBS and its content. We achieve this through innovative collaborations and the creation of initiatives and resources that stimulate informal learning, engage communities and provide opportunities for schools to utilise SBS content for education. SBS Learn launched in November 2015 and is an online hub housing all SBS Outreach initiatives including resources supporting My Grandmothers Lingo, The Boat, Go Back to Where You Came From and most recently First Contact and Servant or Slave.

Each year since 2009, the SBS Foundation has provided more than 100 chosen partners with $2 million worth of free television airtime to increase awareness of their activities and work within the community, supporting organisations with a national focus as well as those working in regional areas. Current partners represent a diverse range of organisations across the arts, education, health, sport, environment sectors, as well as organisations working with multicultural and regional communities.