Comments, Feedback and General Complaints

SBS welcomes and invites feedback, suggestions and questions about any aspect of our content and services.

Comments, feedback and general complaints about SBS’s content and services can be made by contacting SBS. There are several ways to get in touch.

Provide your feedback, comments or make a general complaint here.

email SBS here.

SBS Codes of Practice Complaints

The SBS Codes of Practice set out the principles and policies SBS uses to guide its programming. A complaint alleging SBS has breached its Codes of Practice is investigated as a Codes Complaint and managed independently by the SBS Ombudsman. For more information, click here.

Closed Captioning Complaints

Closed captions are a text representation (in English) of a program’s soundtrack, to help make content accessible to Deaf and hearing-impaired audiences. SBS is required to comply with the Broadcasting Services (Television Captioning) Standard relating to the quality of captioning services. If you believe that SBS has breached its captioning obligations, you can submit a complaint in writing. Read more here.