FAQ's - SBS Radio

SBS Radio in your language

 SBS Radio provides balanced and impartial Australian and international news and information. SBS is the most multilingual broadcaster in the world bringing more than 70 language programs and three dedicated digital music channels to the five million Australians who speak a language other than English at home.


News and information in language programs

SBS Radio 1 - AM, digital radio (DAB+), digital TV, online and on mobile

SBS Radio 2 - FM, digital radio (DAB+), digital TV, online and on mobile

SBS Radio 3 - digital radio (DAB+), digital TV, online and on mobile

SBS Radio 4 - special programming including Eurovision, World Cup Football and the BBC World Service on digital radio, online and on mobile

National Radio Network (NRN) - a combination of programs from SBS Radio 1 and SBS Radio 2

SBS Arabic24 - digital radio (DAB+), digital TV, online and on mobile


We have three 24/7 music stations available on digital radio (DAB+), online and on mobile:

SBS PopAsia - non-stop Asian pop including the hottest Korean, Japanese and Chinese hits
SBS PopDesi - all the latest Bollywood, Bhangra and Desi hits
SBS Chill - chill to the sounds of world music

How to listen

AM/FM Radio - for times and frequencies go to sbs.com.au/radio

Digital Radio - all stations are available on digital radio in metro areas

Digital TV - SBS Radio 1, SBS Radio 2, SBS Radio 3, and SBS Arabic24

Online - sbs.com.au/radio

Mobile - SBS Radio App on iPhone and Android


Visit SBS Radio online to view the SBS Radio schedule. Alternately, call SBS for more details on 1800 500 727 national toll free during business hours.

Is SBS Radio broadcast nationwide?

SBS Radio broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week on AM and FM frequencies in Sydney, Canberra, Wollongong and Melbourne, and is heard Australia-wide on a national signal that reaches all capital cities and many regional centres, as well as on digital radio and digital television (where available) as well as online. Many regional and metropolitan community stations re-broadcast SBS Radio programs received via satellite.

What SBS Radio programs are broadcast in English?

English programming on SBS occurs in several instances, including:

- World News Radio, a current affairs program, broadcast weekdays at 6pm on the AM networks in Sydney and Melbourne and on the national network.

- SBS PopAsia, Australia's number one Asian pop network on TV, radio and online.

-  Indigenous Australian Living Black program, broadcasts in English on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1pm on the AM frequencies in Sydney and Melbourne as well as on the national network on Friday at 12pm.

- The African program, broadcast in English on Tuesday at 1pm on the digital radio (DAB+) and TV on SBS Radio 3.

Who decides which languages are broadcast on SBS Radio?

SBS reviews and updates its services every five years in conjunction with new Australian Bureau of Statistics Census data being available, to ensure it continues to reflect the needs of communities in Australia today. Regularly updating the schedule enables SBS to better service the largest communities with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and offer services to emerging and high-needs communities.

Is advertising permitted on SBS Radio?

Yes, advertising is allowed on SBS Radio for five minutes within a one-hour radio program. Under the SBS Act, SBS can raise revenue by broadcasting advertisements and sponsorship announcements. The SBS Act provides that SBS may broadcast advertisements and sponsorship announcements that run in total for not more than five minutes in any hour of broadcasting. They can only be broadcast before or after programs and during natural breaks. This provides a valuable source of revenue for SBS.