Content Industry Diversity Manager

Michelle Cheng

Content Industry Diversity Manager

Michelle Cheng is the Industry Diversity Manager, in SBS’s Television and Online Content division.

Michelle works adjacent to the SBS Commissioning team, supporting SBS’s content and industry initiatives focused on providing tangible pathways and opportunities for diverse practitioners under-represented in the sector.

Michelle joined SBS in January 2021. She has worked as a media advisor, with a background in TV presenting/writing, journalism and law (as a qualified solicitor). From 2016 to 2020, she worked with ITV Studios and Channel 7 as a television writer on the quiz show, The Chase Australia. In 2018, she was an ABC TV panelist on the quiz show Think Tank in over 75 episodes. Michelle also has extensive experience as a digital journalist with by-lines that include The Guardian, ABC, Yahoo News and the Daily Mail Australia, and has been Curation Coordinator for TEDxMelbourne, as well as Media & Communications Advisor at Monash University.

Michelle is also the co-chair of the Screen Diversity Inclusion Network (SDIN) for 2021-22, effective 1 June 2021. SDIN brings together Australian broadcasters, screen agencies, business associations and industry-aligned education and training organisations to work together towards a more inclusive and diverse screen industry. SBS is a founding member of SDIN and is participating in 'The Everyone Project', an initiative led by the SDIN to implement a simple yet comprehensive way of measuring and reporting on diversity in productions.

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