Stakeholders and partnerships

Source: SBS

SBS engages with a diverse range of stakeholders including federal and state government agencies, constituent bodies and community organisations, Indigenous policy and advocacy bodies, industry groups, screen agencies and the production sector,  to ensure we are addressing SBS’s Charter obligations by meeting the communication needs of Australia’s multicultural society, and contributing to the diversity of Australian media.

We look for strategic partnerships that improve the depth and breadth of SBS’s community impact, and contribute to improving social inclusion.

Connecting with communities

We engage directly with communities through a number of channels and events. The SBS Community Advisory Committee provides important insights into the needs, interests and concerns of Australia’s diverse communities, with ongoing consultation informing SBS projects.

SBS Radio, in particular, strengthens our connections with culturally and linguistically diverse communities, both on-air and through outside broadcast activity at more than 70 community events each year.

With strong community relationships like no other media organisation, our engagement with communities continues to be invaluable in raising awareness of relevant and emerging issues.

Industry engagement

We actively engage with the media and production sector, in Australia and abroad, to ensure we are meeting audience needs. SBS is a member of a number of industry groups including Freeview and Free TV Australia, and Australia’s Right to Know coalition.

We continue to champion diversity in the industry, including through support of the Screen Diversity and Inclusion Network and the Media Reconciliation Industry Network Group (MediaRING), an organisation which aims to empower the media industry to increase the presence of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the sector.

Internationally, we engage with industry bodies including the International Institute of Communications​, the Public Media Alliance​ and the European Broadcasting Union​, and NITV is a proud member of the World Indigenous Television Broadcasters Network (WITBN).